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beauty lipstick Hair Coloring Tips

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-05
Does your hair color fade within a few days of the hair color?You are not alone...Most hair colors fade about 20% with the first shampoo.Take a look at the below, "reminder" to help keep your color looking radiant and healthyThere are natural hair colorants every day of the month, such as plant powder henna,Indigo,Cassia,and Amla (Click on each read more about itCan be safely used to improve or change the color of your hair.They are plant powders mixed with lemon juicewater,And/or yogurt,In your own home,Make the paste apply to your hair and scalp.\ N \ r
looks like the color is harsh on me?If you choose a natural hair color,It won't be harsh on you.For example:If you are young,And want to improve the color of their hair.Your stylist will choose a color that is very similar to the one you already have.Young people can get rid of more drastic changes in the color of their hair because they usually have vibrant skin tones.Although,For example, if young people choose black,The color of their hair is not natural black,It can sometimes be very harsh to see them too.The most common problem at home and in the salon is to choose a color that is too light and the natural shade of your lock.Reality,The color can only reduce the hair beautifully by several shades.If you go any lighter than a few shades,You need to choose a high-Upgrade products such as bleach or a professional system of highlighting.Failure to do this often results in the color of the hair being too much rape or even orange.N \ r
hair is composed of axes,which we see,and its root,This is the follicle under the skin (little pit).The shaft is dead.The living part is the follicle, and very few cells have just come from the bottom of its axis.This is how hair grows.Subdividing by cells at their base,Push up,Harden and develop pigments.Typically,Each of our hair grows about half an inch a month and lives anywhere from 3 to 5 years.\ N \ r
celebrity love Artec color deposit shampoo!These eliminate rape and keep their hair color looking fresh!Drew Barrymore told Allure magazine:"The best color I have found recently is ARTec.I used half a sunflower.half Walnut.Gorgeous.It comes out like a cyan caramel chestnut."Jenna aifman changed her blonde hair to red with ARTec's strawberry-colored shampoo.\ N \ r
Selecting the best shade or highlight depends on various factors.It depends entirely on the shape of the face,complexion,haircut,Facial expressions,eye color,hair length,And personal taste.These colors can be various shades and intensity.Depending on the intensity or tone color can be warm or cool.The warm tone is the color of orange.The shades of red and yellow and cool are blues,Violet and green.Cool people should not use warm shades as this can reduce their functionality.The best shade for cool people is purple orchid,Burgundy and lipstick.Naturally warm people are better off using simple gold highlights and golden blonde hair.Cool tones are suitable for people with olive skin and medium skin tones, with no pink to light pink cheeks.\ N \ r
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