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beauty lipstick Kissable Lips! Finding the Right Lip Shade

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-05
It's your lipstick to tidy up your makeup.The right lip color will make your lips look sweet and kiss.\ N \ r \ unfortunately,Many women choose the shade of lipstick and will match their wardrobe or nail polish.This is a common mistake,But in fact, your lipstickJust like your makeup should be a color that compliments your face,Skin, even your teeth.\ N \ r
decide what color you should wear,You need to decide first how bold it should be.Are you trying to draw attention to your lips and function away from the less flattering?If so,a bold look-at-My color is the ticket.However,If you think your eyes are your best feature?You should choose a subtle lip shadow to compliment your look without focusing on your best features.Teeth are also an important consideration in lipstick.Pay attention to your lips also attract attention to your teeth.If your smile is bright and white,Don't be afraid to show off it.However,If you're slow,Discolored or damaged teeth,You may want to choose a more neutral color that will disguise the look of your teeth.\ N \ r
Last,But certainly not the least.Look at your skin color.Not every color is suitable for all skin tones!While your friend looks like a ruby red diva,The same color may be too much for you.\ N \ r
beige,Peach and beautiful pink are great fair skin women.Softer,Neutral color compliments lighter skin tone.Moderate skin tones will benefit from warm tones.The color of warm soil, such as sand,Mocha or dark peaches and warm pints are a great choice.\ N \ r
if the skin is olive tone,You were born in red.Many shades of red will suit you, including a strong berry color,Or deep chocolate-Berry color.Dark skin can handle the darkest and deepest colors.Deep fuschia,The shades of gold and red blood look great on the dark face.\ N \ r
Finally touch your lipstick,Place the dab of lip gloss on your bottom lip to create the model's pout and complete your kiss lip!\ N \ r
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