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cosmetic factory 115 Ways to Create Healthy Self-Esteem in Your Pre-teens

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-09
Pre-Teenagers are special in every way.At this stage,They need a lot of encouragement,motivation,support,and guidance.They are at a stage when they try to adapt,It's all about sports.Fashion and/or the latest technical gadgets;May think that they have all the answers and feel that they should be treated more like an adult.\ N \ r
average pre-Teenagers are also eager for more independence.If their self-esteem and confidence are healthyThey will make a good decision.Choose their friends wisely,And will respect their bodies,Avoid activities such as alcohol and substance abuse.That's why it's very important to do what you can to determine your ex -?Teenagers have healthy self-esteem.The decisions they make at this stage may affect their lives forever.\ N \ r
1What is self-esteem?Psychological terminology is used to reflect the individual's feelings for himself and the degree to which a person attaches importance to himself.When no one feels,Say or think positively about yourself,He or she is said to have a low self-esteem.Every,These definitions are:\n\r\n1.True respect or good impression of oneself;self-respect.\n\r\n2.A good impression of oneself that is excessive or exaggerated.\ N \ r
2 warning sign:\n\r\nA pre-Teenagers with low self-esteem tend to focus on their mistakes, not on what is right.You will also notice that the child makes negative comments about himself, such:Ix92m ugly,Ix92m stupid,Ix92m fat,I can't do anything right.No one likes me and so on.You will also notice the pre-Teenagers will avoid trying new things,Isolate yourself and avoid new friends,It's unlikely that there are boundaries,Let other kids bully them.Will follow the behavior of other children, even if they know that these behaviors are not good,Just to adapt,They don't talk when they're afraid of being blamed,judged,Laugh or ignore,and more.\ N \ r
3 what can you do:\n\r\n1.Support.Go to every game,play,etc.that you can.\n\r\n2.Respect their space and privacy.\n\r\n3.Celebrate their uniqueness and encourage their personality.\n\r\n4.Remind them that you love them and will be there no matter what happens.\n\r\n5.Pay attention to their behavior and their company.Take immediate action if they are in danger or need help.\n\r\n6.Encourage independence.\n\r\n7.When teaching them to stand up and speak for themselves, some things are not correct.\n\r\n8.Participate in their school life.\n\r\n9.Set boundaries and stick to them.\n\r\n10.Pay attention to their friends.\n\r\n11.Tell them how beautiful and/or handsome they are and they are every chance for you.\n\r\n12.Be patient.\n\r\n13.If you make a promiseDon't interrupt it.Teach them to do the same thing.\n\r\n14.Avoid over-Your reaction when things go wrong-teen.You don't want them to be afraid to tell you what's going on and they're afraid of your reaction.\n\r\n15.Continue to build trust and display (More than you tell)You believe them.\ N \ r
member parents,Advance-Teenagers are never easy.When you feel things are out of control, or if you need advice on how to handle the situation,Reach out to someone or expert you trust.Don't hit yourself when you think you can handle a situation better.No one is perfect.Communicate with your child, remember,You're a pre-teen once.\ N \ r
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