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cosmetic factory 15 Health and Beauty Benefits of Water!

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-09
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if you are looking for young skin,A healthy body,Or small hair (or all 3)pure,Clear water is the best potion in the world.Here are 15 ways to make water good for your health and beauty:\ N \ r
young skin:\ N \ r
* Strengthen your skin -?For centuriesPeople in Eastern Europe have gone to the bathroom for hydrotherapy to detoxify and tighten their skin.The proces (Which includes a steam room session opening pores,Then it's a cold-Pool crash to hit the skinEasy to copy at home.Just soak a towel in the stew-hot (but bearable)water,Then put it on your face for a minute.Next,Wash with your favorite cleanerThen rise with warm water.For you, "plunge"Splash with cold water about 15 times.According to beauty experts"This may sound," old-"School" but it really works to revitalize and tighten your pores.\ N \ r
* "smooth line-When the skin cells are good, the wrinkles are not obvious-hydrated,With the author "The Secret of water:The appearance and feeling of cell breakthrough is 10 years younger ".He suggested moisturizer and moisturizer.This helps attract water to skin cells.\ N \ r
* add radiation-Moisturizing from the inside makes the skin shine more,Nutritionist Keri Borman said (Author of The O2 DietTo view the results,Eight cups a day.\ "It sounds like a lot, but many women need so much to see the difference in their skin.\ "\ N \ r
* correct your skin color-No matter what's wrong with your skinThere is a natural water source from all over the world that can help-and a closer-to-Home products have the same effect!\n\r\n\n\r\n-Ice water Iceland-Soothing sensitive skin (Find Pure Cloud Cream in Skyn Iceland-Dead Water-Flexibility can be improved (Find it in Ahava moisturizer)-Spring water-Cure the damaged skin (Found it on skin that is not tolerated by Avon cream)\ N \ r
' r illuminate your eyes
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-Cold compression helps reduce owe-The eyes are inflamed, but you can get a similar effect to water H2O."When water evaporates from the skin,The surface becomes cool \",According to the cosmetics chemist Ni \ 'kita WilsonFor a long-Term solution,Try cooling,water-rich eye gel,Suchas Vichy Aqualia Antiox-Tired eye stickers with bright citrus polyols.\ N \ r
for a healthier body
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De-Dimple Legs -Weight loss improves the appearance of cellulose,But the moisturizing foam inside him is the number-A natural way to plump the skin, so the underlying fat cells les snoticeable.You can hydrate and slim down,By eating water-Rich food and vegetables.A study in Japan shows that women who get water in this way have less waiting and BMIs than those who drink liquid.Some water-The richest food is now season-Watermelon,peaches,And cucumber.\ N \ r
sound muscles-Water is 12 times more resistant than air,So it needs more effort to move and drown.This means that the exercises you do in the pool are extra -?Effective muscle sculptor.Anything easy to try is-Standing on the water to your neck,Then move your arms and legs as if you're 'about the crossover-One minute skiing in the country.\ N \ r
improve your sleep-Soaking in a hot bath in front of the bed can help you transition to a depth,More peaceful sleep.\ N \ r
reduce anxiety-Zen Buddhist monks have incorporated water features into their meditation devices for hundreds of years because of their soothing sounds.And research shows that listening to nature (Water and waves in particularHelps reduce anxiety.\ N \ r
for Shinier hair
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The barber will tell you that rinsing in cold water will make the hair gray.The cool temperature limits the stratum corneum of your hair, so it's flat,Make the shares smoother and more reflective.\ N \ r
prevent damage-You may already know that chloride or saltwater can turn healthy hair into a creepy mess.But it's very easy to fix-Wash your hair under the shower or hose before swimming.The stocks will absorb clean water,So when you finish in the water, they won't be able to absorb a lot of harmful water,Coat your hair with a seasoning for extra protection against frm sun.\ N \ r
cleanup and conditions-Too much water will dry your hairBut the ocean is good for something-Their nutrition-Abundant marine plants (Like kelp)This can be clenase,repair,and detangle.Look for shampoo with kelp lettuce and red algae and conditioner (Can be found in the\ N \ r
Tame your hair-The soft shower water makes the hair easier to manage as there is fewminteral salt.If you have hard water,Water installation-Soften the shower filter.It can also help your color fade from color.\ N \ r
create persistent style-The ingredients contained in the conditioner, such as DME and vegetable oil, smooth and separate your hair.But this slippery feeling can actually make your hair more difficult to style.You can solve this problem by mixing water-After the primer is unglued, but before the styling product is applied.It absorbs some oil and re-balances the moisture level of Yoru's hair, so the style you create will stay longer.\ N \ r
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