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cosmetic factory 3 Simple Ways to Foster Individuality within your Twins

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-09
Raising children is the hardest thing,However, a mother can ask for a reward journey.However,When raising twins, rewards and difficulties have doubled.As a parent,It is your responsibility to encourage the development of personality in each of your twins.Although your child looks a lot likeEven the same in many casesThey are very different people outside the surface.Your twins have different wishes.likes,dislikes,Hobbies and styles of self-expression.It's OK to help them explore their personalities and teach them to think,Speaking and acting are different from their twin brothers and sisters.\ N \ r
1?Arrange separate activities.Every child has his own interest.Therefore,Take advantage of this as an opportunity to give your twins time to sign their separate activities apart from each other.Of course,If they want to attend the same club or course,Encourage it by all means.But,If one of your children is interested in ballet lessons and the other is interested in piano lessons,indulge them.This time apart from each other will allow them to create their own friendship between the two of them.And,As an additional benefit,You will be able to create quality time with each child while their twins attend classes or clubs of their choice.\ N \ r
2?Enjoy quality time with every child.Your child has been called a unit because your twins are pregnant.To break the cycle of using them as a unit,Create opportunities to fill every child with love and attention.While high quality family time is important as a whole,It is equally important to show each child the personal attention of each parent.This creates a sense of individuality for each child,Let them create memories alone with their mom and dad.Without the shadow of their twinsWatch their favorite TV shows or movies in bed with your kids,While dad shower another child with love and attention in another room.Ask two kids to help you and Dad prepare the meal for tonight.Please have a dessert for you to prepare for the evening,And other main courses to help dad have dinner.Or,Write poems and stories with a childAnd the other one is consumed in another task.Seize every opportunity to shower your two children with personal attention,Whether you're in the same room as your family,Or do it in a separate task.\ N \ r
3.Give each child his own property.If possible.Limit the number of toys or art supplies your child must share.While sharing can be a great way to build roles,Allow your child to choose if they want to share instead of forcing them to enter.Multiple of many items purchased,such as toys,crayons,markers,Building paper pads and more will save parents and children from years of aggravation.\ N \ r
opportunity is,If your twins are colored and someone happens to pick up the red crayons,Another desire that will develop immediately, the very same crayons, is using their twins.Give each child his own set of toys,art supplies,clothes (If they are old enough to wear themselves),And tag them.You can simply use a permanent mark to initially stamp to the bottom of each toy.Or,If the children share the same first initial,Assign color to children,(e.g.There's a blue graffiti on the bottom of Jimmy's toy,Jenny has an orange Doodle).\ N \ r
expecting twins,Reference and resource guide for twin pregnancy and twin pregnancy.\ N \ r
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