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cosmetic factory About Eye Makeup

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-09
The eye is the key attraction.It also promotes individuality.That's why it doesn't limit your eyes to make up for kajal or eye shadow.Wearing such a dramatic eye makes up for the attention they attract to the people who are paying attention to you.\ N \ r nEye shadow n \ r
\ r nEye shadow shape bar:-Very few shadows of the eyes are sticky form and solid like cream.They become loose in summer & stiff in winter,Because it's hard to apply and spread them.Pink eye shadow is like thick powder.They also moisturize.They stay on their skin for a long time.They are the best oily skin.They are helpful with apps.Cream eyeshadow is the best dry skin because there is a foundation that is oil.They can spread easily on the skin.Pencil eye shadow is like an eyebrow pencil found in different colors.But they are softer than eyebrow pencil.Eyeshadow is applied through them & spread evenly through the tip of the finger after this.There are very few eye shadows glued to the look and hard like cream.They become relaxed in summer and difficult in winter.Because it's tricky to apply and expand them.\ N \ r
how to choose eye shadow, we should pay attention to the color of the eye.The color of the eye is the basis for choosing the color of the eye shadow.If the color of the eye is blue or similar, it will look good than the color of brown or gray eye shadow.If the color of the eye is more accurate than dark brown blue,Shades of purple or dark green look good.If the eyeball is brown in color than dark green or charcol (ash of wood)The color of the eye shadow will increase the beauty of the eyes.If the color of light green is more eye-catching than green,grey,Bronze and gold eye shadow will look good.If your skin is pale than BlueColor shades in pink & charcol look good.Red in fair skin,The shades of brown and pale yellow look good.Brown skin light brown,Dark brown and golden shades look good.\ N \ r
apply mascara
\ r
first of all you choose the easy make up or party make up you want to do.The result is dry or wet after this.After making a complete face, there will be a turning point in the eyes.Preferred waterproof or water soluble mascara.In order to eliminate water-soluble mascara, no fluid replacement is required,While removing the waterproof mascara you have to wipe your eyes a little bit, this will cause wrinkles on your face.Waterproof mascara is good for athletes and swimmers.If you are interested in applying color mascara than mascara the color should be based on the color of the hair.Mascara can be applied according to different clothes,But avoid applying colorful mascara in the workplace.If you want the excitement to show up at night,Color mascara than show your imagination absolutely.N \ r
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