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cosmetic factory Canvas Art Prints – 7 Unusual Ideas for Subjects

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-09
Canvas is rapidly becoming a medium of choice for art prints in the home-Frame is not required,The material is beautifully displayed,Canvas prints are durable and can be painted much larger than the standard version by using panel technology.If you like the idea of printing canvas at home,But you don't like letting people do the same thing.We have some unconventional ideas for your theme.Make your tourists laugh,stare,Shaking his head in a miracle,Or just reach out and touch your print,One of these ideas!\ N \ r
1?The old man is one of the most photographed themes on Earth. it is understandable!At the other end of the life cycle, however, the wisdom and personality that appears on one face can make an amazing canvas print in your home.Compare your photos to aggravate wrinklesAnd don't be afraid to approach-Until your subject (Use your zoom to help respect personal space.\ N \ r
2?âx80x98Non-The face of a beautiful person has a story to tell-If you can find (On the InternetOr put the face of the person in your own photo to express something strong,It won't be a problem in all the scale they fit into the traditional beauty.\ N \ r
3.Don't photo the face, n \ r
hands and feet can actually be a great theme for canvas photos!Capture them in motion-You can use the long shutter speed and keep the camera still creating a color track behind your theme,Or keep the long shutter speed and rotate the camera in the direction the theme moves to create a photo where the theme is in focus,But the background is still there.These technologies need to be practiced,But make amazing canvas photos.\ N \ r
4.Nude portraits
\ r
these won't taste to everyone-but they can do it easily-the coolta elegance \'!The growing popularity of pregnant nudity-The life time they capture is not always available at all times.This is the only huge era in life.Bloating is considered healthy -?Canvas photos can help you make the most of it.Non-Pregnant nudity can easily be elegant-Nude is one of the most immortal art themes in the world.Again,-The picture of your canvas doesn't have to be a factor in how your canvas photos develop.\ N \ r
5.Using unconventional angles, n \ r
Shoot photo canvas prints to your theme,With the camera low to the ground,Or consider shooting from a height to get a bird's view.You can use width-The angle lens overstates the part where your theme is close to the camera (This is useful for architecture.and cars,And gave a crazy-Image type effect and face.\ N \ r
6.Plant of death or death
\ r nThe Browning,The life of the broken stages of trees and plants has an amazing fragility and delicacy, making an unusual but beautiful canvas photo.Think about the colors of autumn,Or the distinct beauty of a leaf-free tree in winter.Compare these lenses.Or try shooting under good natural light.\ N \ r
7.Furniture, we really don't think about it from minute to minute,But each piece of furniture symbolizes something different.The kettle is related to the warmth and comfort of the morning coffee,Piano with friends who have good time and singing,Lazy Sunday and bed sofa with the happiness of sleep!Pay attention to the environment around you,Furniture photography using unconventional angles,And take a lot of shots,You will soon find a print that jumps out of your canvas.\ N \ r
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