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cosmetic factory Reduction of Coral Reefs then islands will be the sea

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-09
The current global warming is not only a threat to human life on the surface of the land, but also to the coral reef ecosystem under the sea.\ NEl Nino \ and the incident on 19971998,The surface temperature of the sea suddenly rises,Causing coral bleaching and death in about 16% coral reefs around the world.Most of them are coral reefs, which are about hundreds or even thousands of years old.On the other hand,1-increase in Earth temperature-30 degrees Celsius also caused the sea to rise, threatening the sinking of some Indonesian islands during 100-200 years.Outside of regular meetings,International Symposium on coral reefs (ICRS)Global warming was discussed in Bali in 2000.This phenomenon is certainly true.It is not only the fantasy of scientists.The temperature records in some parts of Indonesia are convincing.Coral reefs can reduce the impact of global warming,Coral reefs have a wide range of functions under good conditions, such as splitting waves and reducing erosion and reserve limestone deposits that contain carbon.These can also play a role in reducing atmospheric carbon,Therefore, it is possible to reduce the damage to ozone.\nHowever,Due to the harsh surface environment of the coral reef, the calcium on the surface of the coral reef is reduced.As a result, the waves can no longer be split from coral reefs located far below the sea.Soon or later,The attack of the waves eroded the land into the sea.Any effort to face the threat of global warming is not to preserve and protect coral reefs.Imam BattierAn observer at the University of Mataram was often reminded that,"If you don't maintain coral reefs in your coastal area,Your grandson can't inherit the land and the house now.Because 100 will be the sea."Will we be silent until this really happens ?"A variety of coral reefs are home to many creatures in the ocean and a source of food.Some ideas were announced by environmental observers.Put forward thoughts and suggestions for the authorities to maintain the fair operation of coral reefs.One of the invitations is to participate in the coral reef friends (FOR)In several parts of the Asia-Pacific region.The main task is to generate a strategy to increase durability (resistance),And the power of elasticity (resilience)So that we can face the threat of global warming.
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