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cosmetic factory The Dead Sea, biggest reservoir of minerals and salts

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-09
Every day,We got new research results.New products and new skin protection suggestions.It's getting harder and harder to figure out the best things to improve and protect our skin.But what really matters is looking for your skin is a complete skin care procedure.\ N \ r
A skin care program is a combination of skin care products and routines that will best benefit your skin in the short and long term.As a result,When you're looking for skin careIt is important to choose a line of as many natural ingredients as possible,This will not only moisturize your skinBut nourish it and protect it at the same time.\ N \ r
\ Why Dead Sea products are so popular.Thousands of years ago,The unique composition of the Dead Sea waters has been discovered and they are aware of their great therapeutic properties.Since then,People often bathe in the Dead Sea to improve their health and beauty.\ N \ r
secret composition.The water of the Dead Sea is the saltiest in the world.Its salinity is about 34%, compared to 5% in the ocean.This high salinity is due to high evaporation rate and a large amount of salt and mineral deposits.So, n \ r
The Dead Sea is a natural reservoir with the largest possible concentration of dissolved minerals,These include:Cations:sodium,potassium,ammonium,magnesium,calcium,strontium,manganese,iron,Aluminum and lithium.Anions:fluoride,chloride,bromide,sulfate,Hydrogen phosphate,Carbonate and silicate.There is also a natural tar called "asphalt" in the sea water.And magnesium and silicate.Form the world famous black mud of the Dead Sea.This black mud helps clarify and nourish your skin,And retain moisture.The result?A fresher,A healthier, younger look of the skin.Furthermore,Dead Sea black mud and salts have good therapeutic effects on the skin and joints and muscles.\ N \ r
climate,sunlight,Water geophysical and black mudAll these factors work together to give the Dead Sea its unique and natural properties of efficacy,This is mainly due to the presence of all the different minerals.Each of these minerals has one or more major treatment actions as follows:\n\r\n\n\r\n-Magnesium (Mg)Repair skin damage,Raise the well-The function of skin metabolism,Improve the hydration ability of the skin and relieve the stimulation of the skin and respiratory system as an effective natural-Allergic ingredients.In skin care products, the presence of Dead Sea salt and magnesium in Dead Sea mud can prevent possible allergies, any ingredients in these products.\n\r\n\n\r\n-Calcium (Ca)Clarify the surface layer of cells,Strengthen cell membrane,To relieve pain, like magnesium, it catalyzes cell enzymes in specific metabolic processes.\n\r\n\n\r\n-Potassium (K)A natural pore is tighter.It also provides energy to cells by participating in the production of ATP (The main form of energy in body cells.\n\r\n\n\r\n-Sodium (Na)Balance skin pH and provide energy by participating in many energy generation reactions.With potassium,It affects the cell's transport system by making the material go in and out of the cell membrane.\n\r\n\n\r\n-Chlorine (Cl)A natural preservative that enhances the protective layer of the skin.It balances the cells and all the materials in the body and gets rid of the unnecessary surplus of minerals in the cells, otherwise it causes swelling and edema due to the accumulation of water.\n\r\n\n\r\n-Bromine (Br)Natural-The antioxidant agent of skin cells and the effective muscle relaxation agent.It is also conducive to the breathing process.\ N \ r
the Dead Sea is truly unique!\ N \ r
------\ N \ r
Nadine is a UnionOwner of the entrance."N \ r", a distributor of the Dead Sea line, "C-Product, "in North America.We want the whole world to be bathed in the Dead Sea,Experience the benefits of it,Enjoy a mix of its unique minerals and salt,And relax while doing its work naturally.To learn more about the Dead Sea and try a full range of product access:\ N \ r
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