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cosmetic factory The Minuscule organic factory by the name Algae: How do they make it possible?

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-09
The most important talk in the world is global warming.And renewable energy.Not because it is attractive, but because it is worth the start of this article.\ N \ r
Well,All we know about algae,Giant slimy creatures that grow above water sources.Probably think of weeds decades ago,It is now identified as a potential source of alternative fuels.\ N \ r
fossil fuels,This is the largest source of fuel at the moment.Is running out in a very fast way.A potential choice can only be found in a large number of sources.\ N \ r
What makes them a potential source of fuel?\ N \ r
pond scum (Common terms cited for algae)Use solar events to photosynthesis them and generate energy stored as oil.Experts estimate that thousands of gallons of oil can be harvested from algae per acre every year,Compared with 30 gallons of corn;50 gallons of soybeans have the same growth parameters.Now let's take a look at the reasons for making algae a source of successful fuel:\ N \ r
the world of plants where algae grow fastest
\ r
w.microbexpert.Half of their weight is oil, n \ r
algae fat oil can be converted into bio-Diesel for carstrucks,For this case, even the plane now lets take a closer look at how algae produce oil.Actually micro-Algae generate lipids in the form of triyl glycerin (TAGs).The strange fact is that some microAlgae can be triggered to accumulate a large amount of lipids,More than half of its biomass.\ N \ r
now the question is how to grow so fast?\ N \ r
While algae have sexual reproduction,Some casual,Many combine two modes.Some green algae change the type of reproduction due to changes in environmental conditions,Like lack of water or nutrition.What is the latest news from the algae fuel industry?\ N \ r
is the use of transgenosis in emerging processes (GM)Plant algae and reduce the manufacturing cost of fuel.This genetically modified algae can grow in a closed plastic tube exposed to the sun.\ N \ r
back to the initial discussion,How does algae affect global warming?\n\r\nwww.microbexpert.Com
\ r
Carbon production power plant,Or a manufacturing factory,Is one of the major contributors to global warming.On the other hand, it is worth noting that this CO2 is used by algae for photosynthesis.Thus, these power plants and in this case, the carbon dioxide of any such facility can be discharged to algae farms, used and converted into energy.\ N \ r
discuss algae,A glimpse of,This is a unique algae-Z list.\n\r\n\nTags:
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