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cosmetic factory Tough and durable, introducing the Sonim XP3 Yellow

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-09
Sonim XP3 yellow is not the most fashionable phone on the market.It looks like a satellite navigation unit.Something like Magellan or its ilk.There is a reason, however,It's just a feature phone that is probably the most durable and hard-worn phone available.\ N \ r
\ mobile phone that provides basic necessities.This is because in this type of environment where mobile phones are already produced,MP3 players or cameras are unlikely to be used in large quantities or actually needed.At the top of the mountain or nowhere,The phone will be the best companion.\ N \ r
screen mobile phone TFT display measure 1.77 inches.It shows 65,The resolution of 000 colors is 128x160 pixels.The phone offers several optional wallpapers to increase the level of personality.The alarm is provided in vibration or ring format,MP3 and WAV can be used if needed.The phone also provides Speaker facilities that are always useful,Talk for hands free.The connection is provided by GPRS,Bluetooth and miniUSB.This enables file sharing and sync functions where needed.An organiser,Voice Memo and stop watch included in function,All of this provides additional useful tools to help its owners.\ N \ r
the main element of the phone is that even if the phone has multiple functions,Its main feature is casing.The phone was shocked.Water and dust.In fact, it can drop from a height of 2 m to concrete, still fully functional.It is waterproof up to 1 m in depth as well,So, if it's thrown into the water, it still works.N \ r
is a phone call that will attract a certain population,It's impossible to see it in town or in a nightclub,But this is not the purpose of it.This means the ups and downs of outdoor life and life.The whole concept behind this phone is durability, which is a winner.For more information about full access to the w range, see
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