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cosmetic factory UP v/s Kerala News or Inferiority or Superiority Complex?

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-08
We are the second largest population country in the world.We are the largest democracy in the world.We have the longest coastline in the world.We have this.We have that.We have nothing but facts, and we have reduced our comparisons to prove ourselves.The accumulation of irrelevant facts and figures and comparative analysis is important to us.What is the Punjab news?What's going on in the Tamil nardu news?How can Kerala News claim such a thing?How do I try to deal with their problems with Bihar?How does Gujarat manage such a high growth rate?Is the world listening to us?The list of these issues is problematic in itself.We love to argue about how much we acknowledge it.We love personality so much that integrity is almost forgotten.Whether it's talking about us as a person or as a citizen of any country.We like the concept of superiority and inferiority.We like the scene of the lower grades.This satisfaction tells us that we are animals after all.Even after a complex evolutionary process!Think about Tamil Nadu News competing with other countries in some ways.Of course our brains can be evaluated like this.\ N \ r
is Bihari,Marathi,Bengali,Punjab etc, but not every body in India claims to be.The word is only used for decorative purposes on occasions such as national holidays or international news.We don't want to know about Punjab just because it is one of the same countries.We would like to know if Punjab is getting more subsidies than other countries.Kerala News is being watched to keep track of its affairs compared to countries like UP or Bihar.We should not reconsider the reasons for being so selfish and self-centered?\ N \ r
being Indian is like British rule (Later in India's struggle for freedomNot very difficult.A little change in mentality will be done.All we have to do is align our bias with our tendency to compare.We should welcome differences.Is this what we take pride in the world?Why can't we get the same idea real?At least we won't be torn apart by our own son.As an Indian, we really realized.National news like
,Tamil Nadu News or Punjab News as a fact will not be a big consequence.It's really overwhelming to be an Indian.Try it once.N \ r
find Indian country wise
,Kerala news and
posts on each\n\r\n\nTags:
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