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cosmetic factory we are camping in the forest

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-09
Thomas Sabo classic silver bracelet Thomas Sabo bracelet traditionally offers the ability to add the greatest charm.The number of pendants you can attach is basically up to you.Opposite Thomas Sabo earrings,pearl,Stone and leather bracelets have a complete charm carrier.\ N \ r
summer,About 1904 along,My father rented a camp on a lake in Maine and took us all to August.We all got some kitty ringworm and had to wipe the pond on the night and morning of our arms and legs \',My father turned over in a canoe and put all the clothes on 2;But other than that, the holidays are successful, and since then none of us think there is anywhere in the world like a lake in Maine.After the summer we always return for one month in August 1.I have become a salt water man3,But sometimes there are a few days in the summer, when the tide is restless, the sea is terrible cold and the constant wind blows through the afternoon, entering the evening makes me eager to calm a lake in the forest.The feeling got so strong a few weeks ago, I bought myself a few bass hooks and a spinner back to the lake we used to go,Fishing for a week and relive old haunts.\ N \ r
I brought my son,Who never had any fresh water, his nose and who had seen Lily pads4 only from the train window.On the way to the lake, I began to wonder what it would look like.I wonder how time can ruin this unique,The bays and streams of this Holy Land,The Hills set by the sun,The path behind the camp and camp.I'm sure that road will be found.I wonder what other way it will be desolate.Oddly enough, once you allow your mind to return to the trench that leads to the fallback, how many such places can you remember.One more thing you remember.It suddenly reminds you of another thing.I think I remember the most clear thing in the morning.When the lake is cool and not moving,Remember how the bedroom smelled the smell of its wood and wet woods entering through the screen.\ N \ r
zone camp thin unexpanded top floor room,When I am always the first to get up, I will wear it gently so as not to wake others up,Then slip into the sweet outdoors and start in the canoe,Close along the shore in the long shadow of pine trees.I remember being very careful and never wiping my paddle against the gun wind for fear of interfering with the silence of the cathedral.\ N \ r
Lake has never been called a wild Lake by you.There are some huts around the coast,It is in an agricultural country, although the coast of the lake is quite heavily wooded.Some cabins are owned by farmers nearby.You will live on the shore and eat at the farmhouse.That's what our family did.But while it's not wild,It's a pretty big and undisturbed Lake, and it has a place,At least for a child.Seems infinitely distant and primitive.\ N \ r
I to tar6:It leads to the shore of half a mile.But when I got back there,with my boy,We settled in a camp near the farmhouse and entered the summer season I knew,I can tell you that it will be the same before I know it,Lying in bed the first morningSmelling the smell of the bedroom, I heard the boy sneak out quietly and walk along the shore on the boat.I'm starting to keep my fantasy, he's me,Therefore,Through simple transpositionI'm my father.This feeling persists,We grew up there all the time.It's not a whole new feeling.But in this case, it becomes more powerful.I seem to live in a double existence.I will be in the middle of some simple behavior,I will pick up the bait box or put the fork,Or what would I say?All of a sudden it was not me but what my father said or made a gesture.It gives me a creepy feeling.\ N \ r
go fishing the first morning.I think the same damp moss covers the worms in the bait tank.Saw the Dragonfly slip from the tip of my pole, it circled a few inches from the water.It was the arrival of this fly that made me believe, without any doubt, that everything was past,These years are a phantom, not a few years.Small waves are the same,When we were fishing under the anchor, we hung the rowing boat under our chin,The same boat,The green and ribs of the same color break in the same place,Under the floor, the same fresh water leaves and debris died in hell,Fragments of Moss,Rusty discarded hook,The blood caught yesterday was dry.We silently stare at the tip of our pole,Dragonfly coming and going.I put my tip into the water,tentatively,To disperse flies crazily,2 feet away.poised,Darts 2 feet back,Then he walked on the pole for a while to rest.There is no time between this dragonfly and another dragonfly that is only part of memory.I looked at the boy.Who watched his fly quietly,I have his pole in my hand.My eyes look at 7.I feel dizzy. I don't know where I ended.\n\r\n\nTags:
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