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cosmetic factory Which Style of Parent Are You?

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-09
Want to be a better parent?Understanding your current upbringing will help you identify areas of improvement you need.Self-promotion-Discipline and self-The respect of children in the family often requires your emotional juggling behavior as a parent.It is not easy and harsh to stay with your children for a minute,Then warm and affectionate next.This is an ongoing educational process for both parents and children.In addition,Many adults naturally have a character or character that makes them tend to one way or another.N \ r
equations that parents tend to overemphasize discipline are called authoritarian.Authoritarian parents demand the word in the worst sense.They're intimidating.Obedience and respect are needed first.They become too angry and powerful when they do not get this kind of obedience and respect.Their love and acceptance seem entirely conditional for children.They don't teach or listen to their children or explain why they expect,This is often unrealistic.They often see their child's personality and independence as irrelevant or threatening.Studies have shown that authoritarian parents tend to have more children,anxious,Distrust and discontent.These children are often ignored by their peers.Their self-Self-esteem is often poor.\ N \ r
Permissive parenting
\ r
Parents who is over-self?The equation for self-esteem is called tolerance.They may be warm and supportive,But they're not very disciplined-Even in the privacy of their own home.They only make weak demands on good behavior, and they often avoid or ignore annoying behavior.They seem to believe that children should grow up without anger,Tears or setbacks.They reinforce the demands and inconsiderate behaviors from their children, often finding it easier to give only their children the demands.Their love and acceptance is "unconditional" in the worst senseBecause there are very few regulations or restrictions they make on their children.Studies have shown that tolerant parents tend to have less mature children,Requirements and dependencies.These children are often rejected by their peers.Their self-Self-esteem is often unrealistic and difficult to explain,Because they often blame others for their problems and misfortunes.\ N \ r
authoritative parenting model
\ r
Parents can provide discipline and selfThe self-esteem of their teenagers needs to be called authority.They know the trench is high-But it's not unrealistic-The behavior of the child.They expect good things from their children and strengthen them when they happen.They also tend to give more positive encouragement in the right place.When the Children Act,On the other hand,The authoritative parents responded with a firm limit,But no temper.They are warm,The needs of reasonable and sensitive children.They support the personality of a child and encourage the independence of growth.Authoritative parents often produce competent children.These kids are more self-reliant,self-controlled,Content and happiness.They are usually accepted and good-Like their peers and perform better at school.Their self-Respect is good and they report to have a happier childhood experience overall.\ N \ r
where do I need to work as a parent?N \ r
logic and research,then,Supporting children requires both firm discipline and emotional support in order to grow mentally healthy.After reading the description of the parenting style above,If you find that you are too demanding,Authoritarian style,Then you have to work in a warm place.Support the parents side.You need to have more fun with your kidsListen better and praise more.If, on the other hand,You tend to be too tolerant of style,You need to make clear rules.Set limits,Face nasty behavior.Need to modify your parenting style?Start today!In "n", something can be found on the website about how to roast chicken.Visit the
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