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cosmetic products Hair Rebonding /Hair Straightening by Persona

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-05
The hair reconnect will change your hair within a day.Hair straightening is a hair styling technique that involves flattening and straightening of the hair to make it smooth,streamlined,And the look of the popsleek lounge.It can be done by using a hairband and a hot comb,Chemical relaxing agent,Japanese hair straightening,Or straighten Brazilian hair.In addition,Some shampoo,And air conditioning and hairspray can help keep hair straight for the time being.The process is usually called Southeast Asia (e.g.Malaysia and Philippines).N \ r
hair irons and hot combs can only modify the hair texture temporarily,The relaxation agent and other methods will permanently change the structure of the hair,Although the growth of new hair has no effect.\ N \ r
What is ionic hot?It's a chemical hair treatment that makes your hair straight,Smooth and glossy.This is a permanent procedure.N \ r
Each type of hair has a natural combination.Curl or wave,It is the result of natural combination, giving the physical quality of the hair.Cream softener or relaxation agent used in bonding treatment can destroy the hair structure.Then a neutralizer bonds the structure again to make the hair straight.In simple terms, bonding therapy changes the structure and restructuring of your natural hair.Once your hair is straightened, you have to touch new growth every three months,Six months or one year.It depends on your growth.In the process of re-bonding, the time spent completing re-bonding depends on the length,The type and thickness of hair.Hair to center back can take about 8 hours or more to rebind.A person's hair can take three hours.Here's a step-by-step approach to recombine.\n\r\n 1.Wash the hair with a gentle wash of water.No conditioner applied.The hair is completely dry and kept at medium level with a blow dryer.\n\r\n 2.The hair is divided into parts.Cream softener or relaxation agent for each hair shaft,Keep it straight.Thin plastic plates are used to keep the hair straight.\n\r\n 3.Cream softener or relaxation is kept on the hair for at least half an hour or depending on the type of hair.Keeping it too long can even hurt the hair.After 10 to 40 minutes of hair steamingAccording to the type and condition of hair,Then rinse.\n\r\n 4.The hair is blown dry and then applied with the Kerin lotion.\n\r\n 5.A flat iron is used to further straighten the hair and break any remaining curls.The iron should not exceed 180 degrees.Ceramic iron is better than other metal iron.Salon experts will iron your hair until it is straight and shiny with satisfaction.\n\r\n 6.The hair is separated again, and the neutrals are applied to set the bond and stabilize the hair.\n\r\n 7.The Neutralizer is kept for at least 30 minutes.\n\r\n 8.The Neutralizer is rinsed out with cold water.Hair is a serum application for blow drying and hair.The last ironing is iron that is straightened.The hair looks smooth and straight.Precautions to be taken after reconnecting n \ r
* Do not wash hair for at least three days.It allows treatment settings.\ N \ r
* don't clip your hair,Tie rubber bands or wear any other accessories on your hair for at least three days.\ N \ r
* wear a shower cap while taking a shower to prevent the hair from getting wet.How to take good care of the reorganized hair is very important to keep healthy hair.Only a well-Take care of the Crown's hair to keep it beautiful,always.Here's what you're going to do,Treat your hair loss with care and prevention of hair loss.\ N \ r
* use shampoo straight hair
\ r
* use conditioner every time you wash your hair
\ r
* Apply Hair Essence towel after drying your hair.Use a natural mask once a week before washing your hair and oil your hair regularly.You can use aloe vera gelTofu or olive oil with eggs.Oil and steam your hair every fifteen days.You can wrap your towel in warm water.Around your hair.This will make your hair deep.\ N \ r
* balanced diet.Include nuts and sprouts on your diet.\nTags:
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