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cosmetic products The Trilogy andthensome by Dan and Dave Buck Revealed (Free Download)

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-05
Just a few years ago.Dan & Dave Buck released the magic world with the tricks they collectedflourishes,And everything else.Its title is trilogy.Today,We're going to release the fourth trilogy DVD-andthensome.N \ r
' n is a DVD collection of more than 2.All the new tips for 5 hours,flourishes,Everything else.The disc was stuffed with goods.edited,Produced by Dan & Dave in the past year\ N \ r
trilogy of the following steps,And then some people take you further from the spec-Go straight into Dan's and Dave's heads as they offer their biggest out-of-the-box thinking.More than 50 new creations and countless bonus features (Including your stuff).\ N \ r
Whether beginner or professional,This trilogy bonus disc contains something for everyone.Decomposition steps for each project-by-step,Many experts-A camera instruction for seamless learning experience.\ N \ r
armed and loaded with countless tips,improvements,And subtle,Andino is an important part of your skill pool,flourishes,Of course-Everything else.Trilogy and Trilogy revealed by Dan and Dave, Buck (Free download)at:http:/Magicrevealed.freehostia.Com
\ r
and n-The Contents:\ N \ r
Portal-Visual transfer of selected cards from one hand to the other.The effect combines the rhythm display of the heart and magic.\ N \ r

Osh negates B \ 'Gosh-Imagine choosing a card through the middle push-Air and capture between two spouses.The card is recorded and the packet is placed on the table.The other option is open and immediately changed to the first option.When the onlookers turned over the clip card on the tableThey found this to be the second choice.A very powerful table-Jump effect!\ N \ r
Encore-Perhaps the most direct treatment of Dr.The last trick of Daley \ was designed.The method here is more annoying than any previous version of this effect.The two red palaces are set in one viewer Palm cleanly, while the two black palaces are set in the other viewer palm.They are instantly transferred, and the audience can turn them.\ N \ r
Hedberg all over-Changes in the peak of Hedbergs,this multi-The phased routine demonstrates the transposition of two playing cards throughout the deck, each becoming more impossible to see.The card in the final stage is placed between the hand and the transposition of the audience.\ N \ r
Flic-Perhaps the simplest technology you 've ever learned to maneuver cards.This ancient method allows you to flick the card 10 feet away from your only hands.\ N \ r-don\'t blink!You will miss the fastest boom invention ever.\ N \ r
M4 Hollywood-In this change of molecule 4,Packet rotation,twist,And spinning around each other shows a chaotic boom.\ N \ r-The card is placed on the face that stands out on the deck.The catch card changes immediately with the finger.The change can be completely surrounded and you end up clean but the change card sticks out from the deck.\ N \ r
shepherd change-The card is placed on the face that stands out on the deck.It seems to deform into another card around rotating it.You only have the change card that is sticking out of the deck.\ N \ r
Orbit-This unique technology that pushes the double from one hand to the other will attract attention from the whole room.Use it as a double lift or flourish,There's more...Trilogy and Trilogy revealed by Dan and Dave, Buck (Free download)at:http:/\nTags:
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