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cosmetic supplies Aluminium and steel recycling

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-08
Steel and aluminum are common materials in manufacturing.Global steel consumption is about 2 billion metric tons per year, and aluminum consumption is about 30 million tons in 2009.European and North American countries play a huge role in recycling these aluminum materials.\ N aluminum is obtained from the bauxite,a clay-Like ore rich in aluminum compounds.There are about 75 billion shades of the world's bauxite resources, mainly in South America and Africa.More than 3 to 4 kg of the bauxite needs to get 1 kg of the aluminum.By saving 1 kg of aluminum, you leave 4 kg of the Earth's bauxite for your younger generation.It's not just about resources,Even if you can save a lot of energy by recycling these precious materials.The results show that aluminum recycling only requires the energy needed for 5% of the energy, the energy required for the primary production of this material.The aluminum tank is the most recycled material next to the steel tank in the world.By 2009, about 60% of aluminum cans were recycled separately in the United States.
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