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cosmetic supplies Heiress Paris Hilton

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-07
Heir to the Hilton hotel dynasty,Paris, Hilton was born to be rich and successful.Through her family relationshipMs.Hilton began to show interest in acting and landed in the well-Known reality show, "Simple Life", opposite Nicole RichLionel Rich's daughter.This program is very popular with the public.She won the Teen Choice Award for herself.Then she began to sing, only one song,The rest of the albums are not doing well;As she hoped.With her many romantic Paris Hilton,Still one of Hollywood's most sought after women, and continue to join the ranks of Hollywood's most elite.However, n \ r
There are some problems in Paris;She has had to be arrested with DUI for the last 3 years and is currently on probation,due to them.She is usually a rolling model of millions of young girls, the one that the little girl is trying to be,But she's legal.She has become a bad girl and has had to, over the last few years,Rebuild her reputation.Whatever happens,She is still one of the most famous young actresses in Hollywood.\ N \ r
hit show, "Simple Life", it seems good rating to continue entertaining viewers.She and best friend Nicole Ritchie are still planning to continue the show and even want to try to direct a few episodesIn the coming season.Whatever,Hilton Paris does;I believe she will succeed, if acting or singing is not suitable for her,She inherited the Hilton dynasty with her sister Nikki and two younger brothers.She will always be one of the most prestigious families and will always have the ability to stay in the scenic area.Hundreds of sites praise Hilton Paris and show you how dedicated her fan base is.Her music is available in the store and you can rent it on DVD, the first few seasons of "simple life."Simple Life", now is the season and can be watched every weektake a look,The show is said to be quite interesting and interesting, after all;This is a popular reality show.Paris,She is fabulous and famous and will continue to impress.\ N \ r
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