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cosmetic supplies How To Grill Steak With Perfection

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-08
If you're like meYou like BBQ, including any type of food, steak,burgers,fish,chicken,Or any other type of food you can think.Although my favorite is steak.The steak on the barbecue is one of the easiest things to do.But if you don't do it right, it's easy to screw it up.This article will give you the basics of cooking steak.The most important thing to remember when cooking a stake on a grill is not to overcook it.It \ 'is so important that I will continue and repeat it,Don't overcook it.This is the biggest mistake most people make when cooking steak on a barbecue.In the end, you will have a steak that is tough and dry and not very pleasant.So what is the correct way you ask to make steak?Well,There is a couple of different options to prepare the steak before even continuing the barbecue.You can marinate them all night with your favorite pickling.If you don't want to spend the night,You can apply for pickling a few hours before they go to the grill.The key is to completely unfreeze the steak, which will allow for pickling and soaking.\ N \ r
Once you have steak,Preheat the grill and then cook the steak for 3 minutes at the highest setting, close the lid on each side to sear steak.\ N \ r
Next,Reduce the heat to medium, then cook the steak on each side for another 3 to 7 minutes depending on the way you want it.More rare steak,Cook for a shorter period of time or long enough to have a consistent pink coloring in the middle.For a better steak.Cook for a long time until the pink disappears from the middle, but be careful not to overcook the steak because it will dry it.\ N \ r
steak cooked preferences,Let it stand for a few minutes and then serve.Steak is best served with or without steak,Depending on how much pickling you apply before cooking.\ N \ r
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