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cosmetic supplies LG Brings 3D to Smartphones

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-07
As the screen becomes smaller, the excitement fades.Even large-scale display TV has been criticized for not being able to provide comprehensive 3D knowledge.As we know,The biggest smartphone screen is still a lot,Much smaller than the smallest TV screen.This allows many men and women to ask if there is a point in developing technological innovation.\ On the other hand,Some people are very excited about the application brought by 3D.Creating a smartphone app is an incredibly rewarding and competitive business.Put the 3D into the combo, you can bet your bottom dollar, there will be a stampede computer boffins trying to lead the way,This will only be trampled by shoppers trying to ensure bragging rights arrive as the earliest adopter.\ There are no more questions, a lot of people will need to think about it, but very few people are saying it is a fee out loud.3D TV is not cheap or high-Terminal smartphone.When LG tries to mix these two,1 can only consider the optimized 3D dents placed in your wallet.No matter how you feel the practicality or entertainment of a 3D smartphone,It is clear that LG has identified its stake as the current market leader.\nIn the H.246 \ defense,The format has been doing good work, and the only downside so far is that the company that uses it will need to pay the patent usage fee to the supplier that makes it normal.In thinking and as a solution to this,Google recently announced a completely free model for WebM at its I/O conference.This is a sigh of relief for men and women, as well as for the company, because "no charge" and the label is a welcome modification.Nevertheless,This is undesirable news for all smartphone users, as most of the previous and existing smartphones cannot help with this format.Compared to desktops and laptops,Smartphones will not be ready to help with this format.Desktop and laptop,The only prerequisite for using WebM is to set up more applications in the process.The smartphone has said it will have to wait an up-The tier app is really able to play movies in this format.Unfortunately, they,The current application is to adapt to H.246.Still, buyers who want to continue using the WebM format without APP acceleration will be hit rudely as using the software will drain the battery life of the phone ..It will also grab the performance of the phone,Create huge pressure on mobile phones.The good news is that phones that have not yet been launched in the market will now be helped by WebM.The first one between this type of phone is from Broadcom as they have previously changed their cellular chip to help with the WebM format.All long term processors may help with this format as it seems to be very good to capture.This has already said that existing smartphone consumers will not be supported.\ NGoogle has included the help option for WebM in the upcoming Android OS model, which is affectionately named Gingerbread.\nTags:
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