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cosmetic supplies Mariah Carey and fame are 'Inseparable' in 2010, says Ganesha

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-07
Singer,Record producerlyricist,Actress now-There is nothing Maria Carey can do.Whatever she touchesTurn to gold;No matter what she singsPlatinum sales.Completely contrary to her charming image.She played a "simple" social worker.And has won her honor for her performance.Ganesha believes that the Capri Hollywood International Film Festival's supporting actress of the Year Award is the first of many awards to line up for her this year.\ N \ r

Ganesha uses the India
Dasha Bhukti system and the VarshPhala method (Tajaka system)Predict her fate in 2010.\ N \ r
Mariah Kaili \ 'Ganesha observe that Maria is currently being affected by the rising and noble Venus of Gemini in the tenth house.Venus in Pisces and the weak Mercury (In the same logo)Create Neech bung Raj Yoga.It is worth noting that Mercury is her rising Lord.Venus is an important figure in art, and Mercury symbolizes communication.Both are in the sun,A planet of fame.As Zhongtian (10th House)Her chart was influenced by the sun.Mercury and VenusShe was born to be popular.\ N \ r
* from January 3 to January 25,2010,She will be in the main period of Venus,Sun sub-Time and Mars-sub-period.Mars is swagruhi in the 11 th house of enrichment.So she will be famous during this period.Some financial gains may also be confirmed by her performance.\ N \ r
* July 5-8 -august 262010 is equally beneficial,Therefore, she will remain in the bright spot during this period.September 16 \ N \ r
* November 162010 is the main period of Venus,sub-The Sun and Timessub-The period of Venus will operate.During this period,She might give some records-Break the hit song.The effect of planetary transmission on the Mariah Carey Chart n \ r
* Ganesha observed that n will enter the tenth house of fame and success of Mary's chart in the first week of May 2010.This transit of Jupiter (Through Pisces)It was very beneficial to her.Her reputation will increase-Fold, she can also receive some rewards after the specified date.Because transit Jupiter is good for her.As a result, she won the range of awards throughout 2010.In terms of family and personal relationships, Saturn and Saturn will be a little difficult for her.Saturn is passing through the fourth house and Rahu-Ketu is crossing House 7-1st house shaft.In this case,She will have to take extra care of her public image and see someone \'t trying to tarnish it.\ N \ r
* before China,She may not be able to meet her expectations due to certain restrictions or health problems and mood swings.But because of Jupiter's transit, that's enough for her.The Varshphala chart of the taka system cast for her birthday on 2009 showing a sublime but retrograde Venus with Mercury and the sun in the 11 th House (of gains),This shows the time for financial progress until the next birthday.Muntha is in the fifth house.The fifth house shows both performance and children.In her birth chart,Retrograde Jupiter in the fifth House (Karako Bhaav Nash rules apply),This reduces the chances of having children.So Muntha's position in the fifth House in 2009 has helped her performance.But no child will bless her.In the Varshaphala chart of 2010 (Chart that will be operated from her birthday on 2010),She will have Venus in House 10.This is an effective configuration, according to Ganesha \'s point of view.She will take the initiative to do something very different.Mars,The Lord of the fifth palace of wasashaIs weak.As a result, the chances of having children in 2010 were also excluded.Due to the location of Ketu in House 12,She may be inclined to spirituality in 2010 after her birthday.Or,She will get some noble deeds.All in all, n \ r
Maria will continue to shake the world. her best time is still to come.\ N \ r \ grace of nGanesha,\ N \ r
Bhavesh and Pattni
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