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cosmetic supplies Nobel in Chemistry: Another feather in India’s cap

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-07
Indians will always remember 2009 as a year of rewards and prizes.There is no doubt that with India's success, it is the best year for every Indian citizen.After A was the success of Rehman and Resul Pookutty at the Oscars,The national football team succeeded in the Nehru Cup and vijandra Singh match,When ranked first in the world boxing competition,It's the Nobel Prize in Chemistry."NVenkataraman Ramakrishnan" is a new name of success that every Indian is now chanting.Although he is an American scientist of Indian descent.Indians regard his success as their success.Mr. Ramakrishnan shared the Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Thomas Steitz and Ada yanath because of their excellent work on the polysomes.They were given the ability to demonstrate the function of the polysomes at the atomic level.Their Invention and Research on the function of,Protein treatment in the human body will help to a large extent to create new antibiotics, which will increase the possibility of curing diseases that are still considered uncured.This is certainly a huge step forward for chemistry and medical science, but for Indians,Ramakrishnan's achievements mean more.The success of Ramakrishnan is likely to inspire students in chemistry and medical science to a large extent,This is good news for this country.Achievements of India-Scientists of origin will certainly improve the morale and confidence of young people-yes,They can also \'.Ramakrishnan's achievements once again demonstrate how fast India has progressed in the world, and in the near future it is also possible for India to achieve greater success in other areas.India has never lacked talent, but many talented Indians in the past did not succeed in the big stage,But in a recent period of timeThere has been a slight change in this trend.Sushmita Sen, the first name, led India to a high level, and since then many Indians have proved themselves in front of the world.Amartya Sen,Jhoompa LahiriA is Rehman and now is Venkataraman Ramkrishnan.As an Indian,I sincerely hope that this list will become bigger every year and that our ability will be proven in the department.\n\r\n\nTags:
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