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by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-08
To raise our children properly.We must be ready to devote our best time,Efforts and financial resources that we can use.Edison said,"I haven't had my mother for a long time,But she made an impact on me, and it's been my life.I will never lose the good results she is ready to train...Her firmness,sweetness,her goodness,It's the power that makes me on the right path.I made my mother.Her memory will always be my blessing, "n \ r
Amongst parents should follow the following orders strictly:\ N \ r
1?Don't underestimate your baby-He knows him better than you think, and it may affect his development if you convince him that you think he is not good.\ N \ r
2?Don't use threats-A child likes to challenge and may continue to do it once threatened he doesn't want to just see if he can get away with it.\ N \ r
3.Don't bribe your child-If you want him to learn money, for example,He will not understand the importance of learning,All he got from this was the importance of money.\ N \ r
4.Don't let a little child promise anything-Children can't keep their word, so don't force them to lie and punish them for doing so.\ N \ r
5.Don't let them on the short belt-Children need some space for normal growth.some freedom.\ N \ r
6.Don't use big words or too many words when you talk to your child-Keep your ideas simple and concise, so he can understand everything you have to say.\ N \ r
7.Don't expect immediate and blind obedience-This is not recommended,Children must learn to think about themselves and not obey orders.\ N \ r
8 .?Don't be too addicted to him-He will develop a compartment barrier.\ N \ r \ RMB.Don't compromise when it comes to rules of the game-The trick to making a game an educator is also to make the initial rules of the game respected.\ N \ r
10.Do not impose rules that do not meet the age of your child.\ N \ r
11.Don't try to apply a quilt-Quilt is not a suitable feeling for childrenEspecially if they are small.\ N \ r
12.Don't give orders to your child, you don't take it seriously-Your child will try to please you and it is fierce to give him an order,If the command is a joke, it becomes cruel.\ N \ r
All these "commands" are first sent to the parent.But they are also mentioned by teachers and educators.With ParentsThey will treat their children's education and growth with an attitude and strategy,So that they can give him everything he needs to develop his emotions and body properly.\ N \ r
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