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cosmetic supplies The Samsung B7330 OmniaPro an overview

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-07
has been released by Samsung.It's been a long time since they released the B73 20 full-network.However, Samsung soon released the upgrade, there is no problem with this model.There is no big change, the two phones will serve different users.The B73 30 is a slim phone that provides great data speed with a larger screen size and resolution.Merge Windows Mobile 6.5 This is a great addition, and it is believed that the main reason for this release is not that Steel will have the possibility to upgrade from 6 at a certain point in the future.Version 1 OS to the new 6.5.The business phone is compact and looks and feels good.Measured at 114.9 sisters x 59 sisters x 10.8mm and only 107 grams of weight.The phone is now closer to the Nokia E71 device in size and functionality.WinMo powered Full QWERTY messenger is very nice with very pleasant eyes and service purpose.The B73 30 omni-directional TFT display is 2.62 inches,65 K color and 320x320 pixels are provided.Other changes include increasing HSDPA and HSUPA as well as better 1500 mAh Li-Ion battery.\ N \ r
B73 30 mobile phone provides 270 MB of storage,256 MB Ram and s microSD card slots to extend memory to 32 GB.Features include a 3.15 pixels automatic-Focus camera with geo-tagging and QVGA video recording capabilities up to 30 frames per second.Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.The 0 A2DP connection is merged into a standard Micron port.The way around the navigation menu is good but requires a firm click on the navigation pad.However,It works well while browsing the web.Internet explorer is pre-installed for Samsung B7730.Another problem with navigation is that when you select the option on the screen in your browser, you can't move diagonally, which is a real pain.The calender in this Windows Phone is great and is great to organize your life.MyPhone enables users to sync their phones and calender so that their schedules are displayed on the MyPhone on the PC.Pictures,videos,Contacts and text messages can also be synced to your PC.It \'s all free!The user can also set up an email account and the Active Sync will push the email to you when it is received.It's easy to set up and you can adjust to sync every 5 with the server,10,Wait 15 minutes.\ N \ r
In conclusion,The Samsung B73 30 fully functional is a great mobile phone in many areas, capable of various tasks.It contains many features and a great design for ha s.A great business phone that looks and feels good.\ N \ r
and Samsung B73 30 are now available.\nTags:
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