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cosmetic supplies Tips to determine your skin tone - warm, neutral or cool?

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-08
Learn how to determine your skin tone and apply this knowledge to your cosmetics and clothing choices to make your appearance the best.We all know that when a particular color looks good for us while other colors seem to leave us looking at coloring and wear.N \ r
skin tone is divided into three categories,they are:Warm,Cool and neutral.Here are some simple steps to help you determine your skin tone.\ N \ r
venous test-In the natural light,Look at the inside of your wrist;If Green appears in the veins, it indicates that you have a yellow base color, so there will be a warm skin tone.The bluer-looking veins show a cool skin tone.\ N \ r
Pony tail test -?Pull the hair back from the face with a small horse tail or headband and clean the face thoroughly.Place a white towel or cloth around your neck and shoulders,If your face looks more yellow, it will indicate a warm skin tone,The blue reflection will mean a cool skin tone.\ N \ r
silver/gold test-If you think gold is better than silverThis shows a warm skin tone.People with cool skin tones usually look better at Silver.Additionally,You can do this test with gold and silver cloth.Holding a piece of gold fabric under the chin,Will this make you look healthy?Ashen or neither.Try the same silver fabric,What did you see?Blue or yellow?\ N \ r
Genetic natural colored eyes and hairAs a rule of thumb,Usually blue peopleGolden green or gray eyes,Black or brown hair has a cool skin tone.Additionally,The cool skin tone will have a base color of pink or rose.Those who have Brownblack,Or dark brown eyes, black,brown,blond,red,Or strawberry blonde usually has a warm skin color, golden or apricot color.However,There are always rules for exceptions when trying to deter your skin tone with the color of your hair and eyes.After doing the above test, you still can't determine your skin color,You may fall into a neutral skin tone.Neutral skin color can be worn in any color and looks great,However, a neutral skin tone may tend to be warm or cool.For instance,Neutral skin tones can look nice warm and fabulous cool colors and vice versa.\ N \ r
So what color is best for your skin tone?Here is a short summary,Again, there are always exceptions to the rules.\ N \ r
cool skin tone-Consider rich,true colors.These include black,navy,red,Shocking pinkRich raspberryDeep emerald green,royal blue,Plum or black.Also, wear cold shades instead of a lighter pastel color.Cool skin tone should avoid beige,Orange and gold.\ N \ r
warm skin tone-Consider the color of the Earth either crispy or muted.Usually those with warm skin color look great in Sagegold,mochas,and bronzes.Try a peach in a soft color,Apricot yellow.\ N \ r
neutral skin tone-You are lucky.All the colors look goodAs noted above, most neutral skin tones swing in one way or another,So, while the warm color may look good, a cool color for you may look fabulous.Choosing the right color based on your skin tone can add so much to your overall look.The right color can increase the spark of your overall presence and skin tone, while the wrong color can make you look gray and your skin tone is washed.\ N \ r
if the skin color is still uncertain,Stop at a cosmetics counter and talk to the clerk at a fine department store.Additionally,You can consult the advice of your beautician.\ N \ r
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