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by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-08
Apple and apple cake are good times to harvest in autumn,But sometimes there are a lot of products that need to be used, and the gardener becomes very versatile and very creative,Dream recipes, sometimes quite strange and wonderful ways to use a rich fruit or vegetable.In the past days, things that could not be stored would be marinated,Bottled or made into jam and teapot.Since the invention of the deep freezer house has been able to prepare and freeze a variety of fruits and vegetables, but there is really nothing like using it to be fresh and taste the real taste of it.I like it in spring when I can create a meal produced from the garden.There are some very satisfying things about using your home made products to feed your family.It's so much time when you plant something and harvest it to eat you,effort,Energy has even invested money in the crop.Therefore, each mouth and mouth has more intrinsic value.On different fruit crops, some years are better than others, but when you get a good year for apples, you need to make the most of them as much as possible.Of course, a box of apples is a lovely gift, you can use a lot of deformed fruits, by juicing,But the rest need to be used and appreciated as soon as possible.Fortunately, it's not a real problem in a family, even if dogs like apples.I have my favorite and very stupid apple cake recipe I used this time of year.You can change it depending on what fruit you have, but it's delicious,Wet cakes that last for a week or more in a cake jar,Unless it eats early.\ N \ r
I is not very good at the following recipes letter, I always change what ingredients they are based on, I have to hand and also taste for my family.I weigh ingredients very little,Tends to use a fairly reliable calculation where a slightly stacked spoon is about an ounce (25g)A pack of butter can be easily cut into about an ounce and cut into 8 even slices.I'm sure it will be horrible for many chefs, but there are few terrible mistakes in my trial and wrong methods.\ N \ r
So recipe apple cake like this:\ N \ r
stripping,Core and slice 4 big apples,Or six smaller ones,Let them stop changing color underwater.Then melt 2 ounces of butter or margarine in a large bowl (The microwave is convenient, but be careful not to put it high,It only takes a few seconds, not minutes!)Stir 4 ounces of sugar (If you choose to cook an apple or you prefer your cake, please use a little more;Add a small number of Sudan (optional),Two dozen eggs are mixed together.Now add this mixture of sliced apples and stir for 8 ounces (sieved)self-Improve flour,Mix well and make all the Apple coatings you have a thick but smooth consistency.Adjust this mixture to a greasy cake tin and place it in the middle of a hot oven (about 170C).Wrap it in oil-proof paper or used butter for about 40 minutes before taking it out.It usually takes about an hour to bake in a fan oven.You can check if it's ready by pressing the top of the cake,If it comes back quickly then it should be cooked,But it really needs to look cute and golden and it smells good.Tip the cake when it is still hot to the cooling rack, allowing for slow cooling.It \'s delicious to eat warm and make a great dessert to Serve warm with vanilla ice cream, which is a useful and fast cake to make visitors.You can change the fruit if you want to change the recipe,I made it with rhubarb (Add more sugar,pears,Plum, even banana, it works every time.You can also add spices such as cinnamon (Good Apple),If you like mixed spices or even nuts?But I prefer the real taste of fruit.\ N \ r
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