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face foundation makeup AVON COLOR

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-06
Avon Color is Avon's flagship global color cosmetics brand, providing a variety of color cosmetics products,Including Foundationpowders,lip,Products for eyes and nails.The palette of Avon colors contains shades that suit the skin tone of all ethnic women.\ N \ r
Avon color delivers superior innovation and high-Technology provides beauty and treatment in its products-Related benefits make women look and feel the best.Avon Color has brought scientific progress to the beauty market in the past few decades, introducing some popular products such as eyeliner and lipliners,slim-Line mechanical color pencil, allowing a smooth app,And Glaxo liquid lip gloss.It contains a patented touch-change gel system that moisturizes lips with vitamin,C,and E.The product portfolio of \ N \ r
Avon Color includes:N \ r
error proof mascara is the first-There used to be a built-in mascara-In "error", eraser.This multi-Benefits mascara provides volume,Length and lift at one end and a gel, "eraser", undo mascara error at the other end.\ N \ r
Pro-To-With its breakthrough design, the opening red is allowed,Apply and close the lipstick with one hand.Slide of a button,Pro-To-Go to lipstick for sweet color and moisturizing lip care.\ N \ r
Jillian demupsi is a professional collection of AVON,A new makeup line that will make you look like you go to a professional makeup-up artist.Collections include:\ N \ r
' kokohl eyeliner and Smudger,A creamy eye pencil that can be used as a liner or a shadow to create a smoked eye.In Black,Plum,Navy and dark brown.\ N \ r
' ey Eyeshadow Trio,A palette contains two powder shades to add the size of the eye and a cream formula applied to the lid as a highlight/base.But in the ice,Lavender fog,Bronze and Pebble wash.\ N \ r
' n-Lash professional mascara,a dual-The end mascara has an extreme volume formula and a perfect wear and water proof formula.In Black,Brown,Brown black and burgundy.N \ r
Super Shock Mascara,Avon's biggest-ever,The flexible pig brush provides a maximum amount of mascara in one dip.Each formula contains unique microfibers, expanded and plump lashes,Create bold,Dramatic lashes.Avon's super Impact mascara is currently in black,Brown Black,Brown and the Navy.\ N \ r
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