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face foundation makeup Basic four Cs in a Diamond Ring

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-07
Diamond rings are the most popular and commonly used rings in engagement and wedding rings.This is a special ring because apart from the expensive fact,It is also unique and extraordinary.Each cut brings different splendor.So,When someone gives you a diamond ring,You can feel that you are the most beautiful and important person in his life.Marilyn Monroe said in the song that diamonds are forever and diamonds are the best friends of girls.For girls who like to buy diamondsThey must be familiar with the basic four C diamonds (the Color,Clarity,Carat and cut)Before you start shopping.N \ r
A diamond is usually transparent and it is very rare and you can find a colorless diamond.The whiter it is, the more valuable it is.Diamond rating from D to X.Diamonds of D to F are ideal.\ N \ r
clarity refers to inclusions and imperfections (Features).Includes defects like bubbles or diamonds inside a diamond.The less cut or chip, the higher the value of the diamond.\ N \ r
\ r nCarats refers to the weight of the diamond.The greater the carat weight of a diamondIt is more expensive than a set of diamonds with the same weight.\ N \ r
\ r
this is the most important diamond.This is the way diamonds are cut.This will show its glory.Light passes through the diamond, reflects it,The best diamonds should reflect light, while the smaller ones do not,Make it less brilliant.The dullness,Durability and all the other features that we are looking for refer to cutting.\ N \ r
can also find its shape and settings.\ N \ r
shape:You can choose the shape that suits you.You can choose a brilliant round cut,Or an elongated shape that makes the length of your hand look longer.Or fancy shapes like hearts that symbolize love.Pear-shaped diamonds combine the shape of the Oval and the Marquis.\ N \ r
settings:The purpose of the setting is to keep the diamonds safe.Prong settings are the most commonly used settings that make the diamond stand out.There are also a lot of settings that you can choose like baffle settings,One of the precious metals is surrounded by diamonds.Diamonds set up in abstract design are called cluster settings.\ N \ r
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