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face foundation makeup Cosmetic eyelid surgery

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-07
Chemical facial skin is a treatment to improve the texture of the skin by removing dead skin, using chemical methods to eventually peel off the dead skin.The regenerated skin is softer than the dead skin and has no wrinkles.There may also be no medical license for the use of chemicals, but it is recommended that professionals assist.Depending on the chemicals, there are different types of chemical facial peeling.The chemicals known as n \ r
alpha acid skins occur naturally from sugar cane, and the acids it produces include acid acids and alcohol acids.It can also be mixed with a wash face or cream to improve the texture of the skin.However,This type of chemical is not used to treat wrinkles.Due to its ability to obtain deeper levels of hydroic acid skin in the pores of the skin, it is now being replaced by better hydroic acid skin.It also controls oil and acne.With it,Removal of dead skin
\ r
is is far superior to AHA as AHA is only applicable to the surface of the skin.The next chemical used is known as the skin of Kenna, named after DR.Jessner.It contains 14% SA.\ N \ r
lactic acid,And HQ in ethanol base.It is considered to break the
\ r
cutin-forming cells between the bridges within the cells.The acid formed by the acid is called the acid.This is done under plastic surgeons or dermatologists at the Medical Spa.The process of the patient leaving on their faces with a chemical peeling solution
\ r
and stripping begins on the third day.\ N \ r
tricloacetic acid (TCA)Used as an intermediate to deep peeling agent in the concentration range
\ r
from 20 to 50%.The penetration depth increases when the chemical concentration increases.Concentration above 35% is not recommended because of the high risk of Scar.This chemical is the first choice for patients with dark skin.It reduces wrinkles on fine surfaces.The
\ r
blemishes of the surface is deleted by it.It also corrects the skin pigment problem.But,It needs to be pre-processed
\ r
retina-A or AHA cream.Repeated treatment is required to maintain results.Sun block is a must-use
\ r
to for months.Depending on its depth, it takes days of treatment.Phenol is considered to be the strongest chemical in the deep skin peel.It corrects spots caused by sun exposure or aging.It softens deep wrinkles.Pre-cancer cells were removed by it.It causes heart problems.It can also reduce the production of skin pigments.Complications include the topic of long-time Dan poison,Pigment changes,millia ,Atrophy of the skin and changes in the skin.\ N \ r
For aha,No painkillers are needed.AHA has no painkillers.Anesthesia is not required by TCA
\ r
but,Give painkillers.Phenol requires general anesthesia.\ N \ r
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