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face foundation makeup For Women Learning How To Apply Makeup

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-06
Even top models don't have perfect skin.The mask hides any imperfections or eye circles.Choose a shade that is lighter in color than your base.Finger with your ringPlace the mask points on any imperfections and fundus circles.Mix it with the tip of your finger or makeup sponge.You can use a liquid mask or a solid type.N \ r
Foundation is the foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone and is the best choice.Start putting it at the point in the middle of your face.Spread with your fingertips or makeup sponge until it covers your entire face.The foundation will cover the mask.\ N \ r
make Foundation,Dust on loose or pressed powder of the same color with a brush or powder.You can take a compact Press powder after your touch.\ N \ r
eyes have it
\ r
there are several steps how to apply makeup around the eyes.Start with eyebrows.If they get pulled overYou will need to create an eyebrow using an eyebrow pencil or a powdery shadow.These products can also fill in natural eyebrows for any gaps.The eyebrow pencil can look harsh and unnatural unless used carefully.Application of powdery eyebrow shadow,Use a hard oblique brush.\ N \ r
Eye shadows should be coordinated with the color of your eyes and your skin tone.Use the edge of the dark eye shadow line to your upper eyelid,Along the eyelashes above.The mid-color eyeshadow is placed on it until the crease of the eye.Light eye shadow from there to under the eyebrows.For day wear,Use matte color.Sparkling or sparkling colors are more suitable for the evening.\ N \ r bring out more eyes in the darker coordinated color cake eyeliner and apply it to the thin line eyelid on the upper edge with a brush.If you want your eyes to look bigger,Only apply eyeliner on the upper eyelid,Extension about a line-Half an inch of the corner of the eye.Women with big eyes or prefer a dramatic evening look can also apply eyeliner to the edge of the lower cover under the eyelashes.Make sure the lines are thin to avoid the appearance of the raccoon.Eyeliner can be used instead of cake eyeliner.\ N \ r
Mascara is the last step in the eye part of the makeup app.Again,Choose color according to skin tone,Use dark brown if you are fair and darker in black skin.Navy or plum can be used in the evening,But it is not suitable for work.Immerse the paint in the tube and gently wave it over the lower lashes.Please wait a few minutes to dry the second coat before applying for it.This will help avoid clumsiness.For evening,You might want to get a more exotic look with a mascara,But be sure to do this before applying for mascara.\ N \ r
blush adds life in the form of powder and gel.Whatever you chooseApply it carefully to avoid looking like a clown.Find the apple on your cheek with a smile, then blush or below,Which is more pleasing to you.\ N \ r

Kissable lips
\ r
choose the lipstick color with your skin tone and your gear.Either apply it from the tube or use the lipstick brush as a professional makeup artist.After applying lipstick, add lip lining around the lip.Make sure lipliner is similar in color to lipstickLipliner like very dark will look stupid with pale lipstick.\ N \ r
Be safe not to last forever with your cosmetics
\ r
cosmetics.They will be contaminated with bacteria.So for safety, they should be discarded once they get older.This is especially important for mascara, which should not remain for more than a year after its first use.Avoid risks and health problems without sharing cosmetics with others.\ N \ r
now you know how to make up,Why not practice before your next big event?Following these instructions,You will look good wherever you go.\ N \ r
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