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face foundation makeup How to Apply Foundation At Home

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-06
Lay the foundation on your face with your fingers.If liquid is used,It is necessary to apply and mix for a few minutes to cover the whole face.If you are using a cream base, then apply a makeup sponge to your face.The laying cream base is used for a thorough mixing of downward movements.If you are using a powder base, then apply it as a loose powder or press for the application.\ N \ r
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\ r is normal,The color of your neck is a little lighter than his face.Invest in a new pack of cosmetic sponges before heading home.Clean your face clean all the waste and prepare the sponge with the amount of dime based on the size of your choice.From the Bridge of the nose,Sponge on the floor,He has more sides of his nose than his.Because the makeup master suggested that if you try to dilute the thin line, apply the base with a touch,It is important to make sure that their production base is perfectly suited to your skin tone.Otherwise,The app can stop looking at the stains on the spot.If you have trouble-to-Match skin tone,It may be useful to combine two or more bases to get the perfect color.N \ r
Foundation should be applied to a fresh face and clean.Apply some foundations in different areas of the face and gently massage onto the skin with a damp sponge.You can also ask to build the skin and still get wet when you finish washing.This ensures that the foundation is evenly distributed across the face.When applying the base, don't forget to include the jaw line.Once you are satisfied, your foundation is perfect and natural,Covered all the marks on his face.You can continue to apply your blush next,Lipstick and eye makeup.\ N \ r
third,Focus on your eyes.Please note that your eyes should shine,Or at least on stage.With a slight eye makeup,Your eyes may not be noticed on the stage.So use darker eyeshadow.All this is dark.But the best eye makeup covers all the sides of the eye,Up and down,Black eye shadow.Then apply the color of your chosen eyeshadow to complete the touch.In this way,Your eyes actually focus on the black touch around the shadows on the stage.You have to remember that you can't put anything on your skin after taking a shower.Don't wear perfume,lotion,creams,Powder or deodorant.When you put something on your skin, it will affect the result of tanning.Not very good in these areas.So if you're going to pay for the tanbe wise,And get the value of your money \'s.Once you get home and wait for the tan to finish your work, you have washed your skin,Then you can use moisturizing or whatever you want.\ N \ r
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