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face foundation makeup How to buy the right beauty products

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-07
There are more options for beauty products, as you can imagine,But when these choices get too confusing, the problem arises.This is a very frequent case now.Here's a brief guide on how to make the right choice.\ N \ r
Foundation:As a name,The foundation is in all other forms, "base "-up.It was applied after the mask.Before applying powder.Its basic purpose is to give a smooth skin surface, other make-Can put on and give the best look.The first thing to consider when choosing the Foundation is to know the type of skin of a person.The Foundation needs to be mixed with the skin so that others don't even know that one person wears any makeup-up.The foundation of the right skin type either moisturizes it,Or stop it from breaking out.The color of the skin,Its, "temperature", and "season" are equally important.i.e.,Whether it's summer or winter,Or if she has a warm or yellow background.Also,very often,In such cases, women rarely change color or hi every pigment does not need so much Foundation in ions to make their skin tone smooth.In this case,Only the smallest number should be used.\ N \ r
mask:These are all used to cover up dark circles.Blemishes and/or discoloration of any form.Plus the right foundation.Masks can do wonders for the skin.To select the right mask,The background color of the skin needs to be identified,Because the former needs to be synchronized with the latter.So,Before choosing pinkyellow,olive,Or brown shade creamAnd choose their brightness (Relative shadow of gray,It is necessary to find out important information about a person's skin.The closer the mask is to the skin color,What's better is cover up.Another important factor is color and concentration.The thicker the mask,The better thing is to hide a flaw or scar,The best color is green-Yellow or blue,If one wants to hide red and swollen,Yellow or pink is more suitable for neutralising dark circles.You must also be careful not to apply too many masks.There is a mask called "false threshold"i.e.,If the application is excessive,It's clear that artificial matter has been used on the skin.The whole purpose of negative production-up.\ N \ r
powder:This is the production of finished touch-This will define the way it looks,It can even be used on an independent basis to give the skin a matte look.No need to use powder,Those with dry skin had better avoid it,Unless it's translucent, it's used to lock the eyes-up.For those with oily skinIt is best to use the powder as it will remain glossy.Also,a liquid-to-The foundation does not need the application of the foundation,But if the oil-based foundation is used to reduce the gloss,Powder is mandatory.\ N \ r
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