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face foundation makeup How to Choose an Anti Aging Skin Care Product

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-06
Do you have a good look at the ingredients in your anti-aging skin care products?I mean,Really look at them and understand what they do?I did,recently.Talk about being surprised!Not a good way.For most of my life, someone has to take care of my skin,I read the second ingredient in my choice of skincare products in frustration,Mineral oil.\ N \ r
why?Well,I don't know, when you apply mineral oil to your skin, it prevents your skin from breathing and clogging your skin pores.Mineral oil can also interfere with your skin's ability to remove toxins naturally.It will stimulate the skin and cause acne,Grind and dry.And,This is the real kick.Use anti-aging skin care products with mineral oil in it,In fact, it will lead to premature aging of your skin!\ N \ r
Oh yes,I almost forgot-Applying mineral oil to your skin will also cause your skin to become dependent on it.A bit like your skin indulging in mineral oil!What is really irritating is that I have been using this particular product for about 15 years.Essentially,I have unknowingly made my skin worse!\ N \ r
but wait,How does this happen?Don't we have the Food and Drug Administration (FDA),See what \'s put into anti-aging skin care products?\ N \ r
to find out,no,we don\'t.You see,FDA does not regulate what is placed on your skin product.Because there is no intake of these products,The Fed really doesn't care.\ N \ r you are almost your own.And,If you think it's better to buy expensive skin care products,think again.\ N \ r
Let I share what you have learned.First off,Let me give you a little bit of background and this information will make sense.\ N \ r \ Noor skin is the largest organ of the body.It contains collagen and elastic protein.Collagen provides strength and firmness,The elastic protein provides flexibility for our skin.\ N \ r
both are proteins and tend to break down over time.When these proteins break downSigns of aging, such as wrinkles,Drooping and lines begin to appear.The best anti-aging skin care products are those that stimulate the production of new collagen and elastic proteins.\ N \ r
a lot of ointment there is designed to fill in wrinkles.Of course,It was just a temporary fix that was washed away with each shower.\ N \ r
the following ingredients do not want to find your anti-aging skin care products.\ N \ r
obviously,Mineral oil topped the list.Another avoided ingredient is the synthetic derivative of coconut called dioxane.Dioxane often contains 1,4-Dioxane in high-precision ore.This ingredient has been identified as the cause of cancer in California.Yet,You may apply these things to your skin!We all like how our skin smells,right?Sometimes, this is even the determining factor when comparing skin care products;right again?UnfortunatelyMost spices are made up of known carcinogenic or toxic ingredients.It will be prudent to avoid cream and spices!\ N \ r
there is a p-hytonate.There are several types of parabens used as preservatives.Parabens has been shown to interfere with the endocrine system of your body.May cause cancer,It may cause allergic reactions and rashes.It's not what I want on my skin,But I have been rubbing my skin faithfully for years.\ N \ r
Oh,Let's not forget the alcohol.There is also a bunch of different alcohol that can be found in anti-aging skin care products.Alcohol in most parts absorbs moisture, so it dries your skin and causes irritation.Alcohol can deprive your skin of a natural protective barrier against the virus,Bacteria and mold.\ N \ r
last,There is collagen.But wait,I'm not telling you that collagen is an important part of your skin-Does it give your skin strength and tenacity?\ N \ r
Yep,I sure did.But things here.Collagen molecules are too large to be absorbed by the skin when applied locally.Manufacturers use it as their skincare ingredient to fool you into believing that their products are superior.\ N \ r
We just reviewed some ingredients and you want to avoid comparing skin care products.Now let's take a look at some good ingredients.This is the ingredient you want to find.Clinical studies have shown that the protein is derived from the wool of New Zealand sheep,Stimulus again-Growth of collagen and elastic protein.That's a good thing!\ N \ r
has a powerful antioxidant CoQ10.This ingredient is a naturally occurring substance that works much like vitamins and is very effective in reducing the negative effects of free radicals on our skin.\ N \ r
Over time and increase with age,The number of CoQ 10 available in our body decreases and supplements it to help our skin.\ N \ r
different types of CoQ10.UnfortunatelyMost changes found in skin care products are not available when applied to your skin.The best form of CoQ10 is nanoLipobelle H-EQ10.Don't try to pronounce,But find it.\ N \ r
is a dedicated NanoCoQ 10 in the form of emulsion,It can actually penetrate 7 layers of skin to prevent free radicals,Provide great health benefitsSuch as enhancing the anti-wrinkle effect and promoting the increase of production of collagen and elastic protein.\ N \ r
these ingredients are beneficial to the health of the skin,But put them together and the result is one of the best anti-aging skin care products.\ N \ r
if you want to look good,Use anti-aging skin care products, including all three.\ N \ r
do yourself a favor,Regardless of the price,Choose your-Aging Skin Care Products by carefully checking the ingredients!\ N \ r
------\ N \ r
finding out how to identify quality and products will help restore the nature and health of your skin.\nTags:
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