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face foundation makeup Jessica Simpson looks stunning on Marie Claire cover

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-05
Jessica Simpson tried to make up for her fans naturally because she was going to pretend to be a magazine.In a bold move,Jessica, Simpson decided to be featured on the cover of Mary, Claire magazine with no makeup-Polish up and Photoshop.\ N \ r
guess what,She looks pretty, no makeup-Also on the cover of Mary Claire magazine.Jessica proves how comfortable she is in her own skin, how refreshing and amazing she looks, no makeup-up also.This brave step was inspired by her new ideas,A beautiful me,This encourages all women to be confident in their work.We love this new Jessica.In the media, who also quickly bounced back from the entire "mom jeans" fiasco.\ N \ r
Jessica Ann Simpson was born on July 10,1980 are American singersactress,And TV personality who rose to fame in the 1990 s.She has made the top 40 hits on seven billboards,And there are three gold and two more-RIAA platinum-Certified album.Simpson plays with her-Husband Nick rush in the MTV reality show Newlyweds:Nick and JessicaShe ventured into the country music market in 2008, you know?\ N \ r
reasons for promoting new initiatives,"A Beautiful Me,A plan she launched next month is to encourage young women to have sex with themselves and feel comfortable on their skin.The 29-year-old singer once admitted to getting too many alterations on her lips,\ N \ r
"I don't need to prove anything,"The singer said,29,She has admitted that there are too many changes on her lips."What others think of me is not my business."At the age of 29, she looks gorgeous and has no makeup-It's totally amazing.\ N \ r
still,She told the magazine that she likes to be fired every time for a while."If I want to go out, it feels hot and sexy,I want long hair that I can feel on my back.\" she says."But I like the bed, too.Obviously, Simpson said she was happy to shoot the beautiful Price of VH1, which focuses on her world trip to discover how other cultures define beauty,The audience did not respond.Her debut attracted 1 million people.Defeated by the show on the History ChannelRead more about
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