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face foundation makeup Medical Grade Peels Treating Various Skin Damaging Problems

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-06
Before you do any medical grade peelings yourself,You should consult your doctor.This is especially true if you are taking any medication.Acutane,for example,Is a drug that you should not take just before and after you do skin peeling.It is also important not to use any exfoliating products a few weeks before planning to peel, you should stay away from the sun.It is also true to use the tanning salon.There are two advantages in medical peelings that you can use at home,Depending on the condition of your skin.If you have deep acne scars and wrinkles, you should choose a stronger Peel.The lighter formula has been diluted to a mild skin and still gives you the treatment you want.The product has detailed instructions and you must follow the instructions.\ N \ r
use cotton swab to apply lotion for medical grade peelings.Put this on your face for two to four minutes, then rinse your face with warm water to remove the lotion.Just splash your face with water and rub it with your hands is enough.In the process of flushing the skin, do not use the skin.When you apply the peel, you feel the sting,But this will go away once you rinse it off.If,After washing,You still feel a little uncomfortable,You can apply ice or cold clothes to your face.Your face will be red, too,It's like you were sunburned.But the red will disappear in a few days.In the days after the medical grade peelings, in the absence of the use of a mask, only mild cleaning agents were used.Use oil-free moisturizer and do not use any exfoliating products for at least a week.Be extra careful when you go outdoors and try to keep your face safe from the sun.N \ r
A wide-edged hat will help keep the sun out of your face.You should not apply for makeup for at least a week and try to use makeup with natural ingredients instead of harsh chemicals.Drinking a lot of water will also benefit your skin and help replenish your moisture.\ N \ r
Once you accept
Medical grade Peel
,You should wait another four weeks.N \ r
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