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face foundation makeup Photography Tricks: Hack 16 Pantyhose Diffusion Filter for Flattering Portraits

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-07
Razor-Is Sharp optics great?Unless,that is,You are shooting the love of your life.In these circumstances,You might want to borrow her pantyhose.The flattering portrait of N \ r
A often praises its soft lighting,good angle,And natural expression.You rarely hear a picture of a theme about highlighting her pores,wrinkles,And flaws.Sometimes,Modern camera lenses can be too sharp!A popular solution used by professionals is called softening or diffusion filters.Simply put,These accessories are attached to the front of the camera lens and dilute the look of the facial texture.Wrinkles will not disappear;You didn't notice them at all.The cost of these dedicated filters is as high as $200, and it's hard to find less than $20.Plus,If you shoot portraits with a variety of lenses,You may need to purchase multiple filters to accommodate different lens diameters.It's good if you shoot portraits for life.But what if you just want to take a good shot of your sweetheart?N \ r
Ask her pantyhose.\ N \ r
that's correct,Stretch a light beige pantyhose in front of your lens and make sure it works with a strong rubber band;You can create the same flattering effect in a professional portrait.The tighter you stretch,Gentle effect?Loose material,The softer the image, the better portrait you can capture without filtering,If you use good technology.But in some cases you will want to add a little softening effect using a hose filter,Be sure to keep your knees-High socks,With a couple of strong rubber bands,It's just these occasions in your camera.\ N \ r
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