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face foundation makeup Skin care for acne

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-06
Acne or acne,Some people call them,Is a very common problem among young people.With the help of acne
products, you can remove acne from your face and prevent them from coming back.\ N \ r
there are some things,People whose skin is prone to acneShould be far away:\ N \ r
x95 products contain washing particles that should not be used for acne skin.These particles stimulate the skin and make acne worse.\ N \ r
x95 avoid hair care, contain oil that can clog the pores of the skin and cause acne.\ N \ r
x95 many people try to pop pimples out of it.Doing so may stimulate the skin and worsen acne.Moreover,Even after acne has healed, the pimps leave scars.Skin care products containing grease should be avoided.Acne came out due to excessive oil.More oil can clog pores and worsen acne.Some scrubbed alcohol in areas affected by acne and dried the oil from acne.This does not help to remove acne;Instead, it stimulates the skin and causes more pimps to rest.\ N \ r
tanning damages the skin.Use sunscreen when out.Your hands touch all sorts of things,Touching your face often increases the problem of acne and can even cause acne to break.\ N \ r
here are some tips for acne skin care:\n\r\nx95 Wash:You should wash your skin twice a day.After exercise,Use warm water and wild soap.Do not scrub the soap on your face to eliminate acne.Gently massage the soap with the help of your fingertips in a circular movement.Excessive washing and scrubbing can cause skin irritation.After washing,Apply a moisturizing lotion containing benzyl peroxide.This will wash away the oil and bacteria that cause acne.\ N \ r
popup:No matter what you doDon't try to pop pimples out of them.Bursting acne can push the infected pus further into the skin, resulting in more swelling.Even after they heal, it is possible to leave acne with scars,if popped.\ N \ r
touch:Collect all kinds of dirt and grease from your fingers.Touching your face can also infect uninfected areas and cause the pores of your skin to expand and get irritation.Wash your hands before touching your face or applying any skincare or makeup.\ N \ r
glasses:Another acne skin care tip is to clean your sunglasses regularly.This avoids the oil blocking the pores of the skin to be located around your eyes and nose.\ N \ r
clothes:Avoid tight clothes in case you have acne.Tight-fitting clothing does not allow the skin to breathe, and therefore may cause irritation in the surrounding area of infection.N \ r
Men also faces acne problems.Here are some acne
men to follow:Soak your face with warm water before shaving.This prevents irritation of the skin after shaving.\ N \ r
x95 always check if your blade is sharp or not before you shave.This can prevent the reduction of the razor, which can stimulate the skin and cause acne.Don't press the shaver too hard on your skin.Shave gently;This avoids the reduction of acne lesions, which may make acne worse.\ N \ r
x95 some men try to shave off acne.This should not be done,As it is the same as pop-up pimps and may cause infection in other regions as well.\ N \ r
about the author:\ N \ r
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