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face foundation makeup Steps of successful makeup

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-04
It is important to achieve a perfect makeup with professional completion, follow some steps,Let's take a look at these steps in a clean and professional make up.The first step in any makeup is to be prepared for the skin and is one of the most important steps as this will get a fixed product.We start with moisturizing and eye contours.To get a look, "good face", we immediately applied a pre-base.\ N \ r
the next step is the application base.Choose the basis of the same skin color,The purpose of the database is to unify the skin,So apply for a foundation.Can be smooth,compact,mousse ...Depending on the needs of the skin and the level of coverage you want;Since more fluid is the most natural Foundation is the result.\ N \ r
Another important steps when it comes to makeup is correction,This step can be said, what is the difference between professional makeup, not...They should be perfect.Correct defects and dark circles with the help of spells.Correct spelling possible spots,spots ...Any skin is not perfect.The next step is to set up the products we have implemented and prevent the gloss during the day,Because it will apply a layer of translucent powder.The color of the dust translucent does not give me the fine adjustment of the skin,Apply a soft layer on your face (Also shadow area profile\ N \ r
the color that will be applied next,Because it will be painted with bronzer on your face and under your cheeksWith this step will give shape and form to the face.\ N \ r
To add light application flash,In the highest area??Cheek bone.We can apply colors like strawberries.peach,cherry,coral ...\ N \ r
next step to the eyes,There are many options to do this, but it is important to apply the appropriate tone depending on the region??Go to the eyelids for makeup.Light tones below the eyebrows and tear areas,Any shadow can be applied in the moving eyelid,From a naked or dark black mink,The tone of our choice takes into account the day and circumstances of the time.\ N \ r
Once our eye makeup,We can't ignore the passage of mascara.It is a very important step to get a fierce look.\ N \ r
make up your lips well next step,Because it will wear lipstick.In order to get the volume effect, the moist look of the lips and mouth is applied with a glossy touch in the center.\ N \ r
the last step of Enlightenment,Choose a product that provides light areas for the illuminator and we want to strengthen it for the cheeks,Right under the eyebrows.upper lip (If we give the roll)\ N \ r
all these steps will make up perfectlyStep by step.\nTags:
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