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face foundation makeup Sunless Tanning: A Safe Way To Achieve The Summer Glow

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-05
Now we all know that tanning is not healthy for our skin.But do you know that the sun lights can also damage our skin?Whatever the source isSun or UV lamp,Ultraviolet radiation is the cause of age spots.wrinkles,Even skin cancer.So,To avoid these dangers,You can continue with other safe skin tanning options.For example,No tanning options, such as self-The scanner is a safe skin.\ N \ r
More about self-Banner
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self-Whether it's in the form of spray,gel,Or lotion induced the outer layer of the skin, also known as the stratum corneum to produce melanin.Not like using a tanning bed or sunbathing,Only the upper layer of the skin is affected and the other layers are not affected.\ N \ r
any of the two basic componentstanner.The first is DHA or dioxyacetone.It is the main or active ingredient that causes the skin to change its color and the appearance of the Sun-kissed.Dixyacetone is essentially a colorless sugar that reacts with dead skin cells on the skin, resulting in color changes.\ N \ r
other basic products fromTanna is a kind of, actually an amino acid, which helps to increase the production of melanin in the skin.A self-Tanna may or may not contain this ingredient.In fact,Can be better identified as a tanning accelerator.\ N \ r
Self-Tanning effect
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Self-The tanning formula contains non-Damage ingredients change the color of the skin and give it a bronze effect.Because dead skin cells usually stay in the body for 7 to 10 days,It also lasts about 7 to 10 days.You can re-apply for yourself-Don't worry about any side effects.\ N \ r
choose a selfThe number of Danna
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A dixyacetone-based self-Banner these daysBoth in the traditional market and online.All of these products do not contain the same amount of DHA.According to the shade of the sun you desire,Select a product.In fact,You have to choose a sunless tanning agent or gel based on your skin tone.See if a particular self -?Tanna means light,Light to medium or dark skin tone,And purchase products accordingly.N \ r
Sunless tamner app prompt n \ r
If you want to achieve perfection,non-streaky tan,It is desirable that you be patient and give it some time.After all,This is a safe way to achieve a perfect copper look.\ N \ r
the first step you need to be the right to exfoliate.Use a good body to exfoliate,It is best to contain natural ingredients.Scrub your skin gently.This will remove all dead skin cells and prepare an excellent tan for your body.After you have your skin ready?You can apply the tanning lotion according to the instructions and achieve a wonderful tanning without spending too much money or time.The products provided by Sun Labs guarantee perfect and safe tanning without any side effects.Sun Labs also offers a number of other products that deal with suntan skin care.Visit www.Sunlabsonline.Com take a look at the products provided.\n\r\n\nTags:
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