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face foundation makeup Sunless Tanning Evolution: Where Do Americans’ Need to be Tan Come From?

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-06
When you are buying a non-tanning product or entering the indoor tanning salon for your regular tanning session,Have you ever thought about asking yourself why you want to tan.Where does this desire come from?Why do you think tanning will give you the impression that you feel younger and more beautiful?It has been so popular in the last few decades, it has stimulated the creation of an industry of $5 billion, what is it?\ N \ r
Well,The answer is that our natural instincts mate and breed healthy offspring.Yes,You may think it may be ridiculous and it has nothing to do with you.You think you don't even want kids right now or hitchhiking.But psychologists have proved:ONE,Tanning makes you feel and look healthier as it fits into the event-that is, you have taken part in some kind of sport in the sun or you are already on the beach;TWO,It makes you feel and look beautiful because a sunburned skin color hides flaws and other skin defects;and THREE,The reason it makes you look and feel young, it covers up age spots and wrinkles.All three benefits you get from tanning are rooted in one thing.And that is,Tanning makes you feel attractive.\ N \ r
where do you need charm from now?It stems from the natural desire of human beings to find the perfect partner and reproduction.Have you ever wondered why we are not attracted to people who look unhealthy?It's just because we tend to look for a healthy mother who can give us a healthy son and/or daughter.It's a biological instinct that has nothing to do with your particular type, or that you choose a bachelor or bachelor who keeps your life.It's just built on all of us looking for a healthy partner.\ N \ r
Now,Usually a pale skin color causes some form of disease.Pay attention to common problems:"You look pale,How are you feeling?\ "Contrary to this,Tan can get like"You look great!Where did you spend your holiday?"Or", you look very healthy;good for you."That's the basic reason why people want to have this darker skin color.They want to look healthy to attract the same healthy partner.Now,When the pale skin color is considered healthy and beautiful,Leather is avoided.Now,Thanks to Coco Chanel.Tanning for health,youth,The quality of beauty and fashion makes people feel attractive.Hence,People have evolved to adapt and nurture this desire to be sunburned.\ N \ r
Now,Do you know why the indoor tanning industry continues to improve the science of safe tanning?This is because it needs to be tanned and will not disappear.That's the main reason why
has been reinvented and innovated to adapt to a more convenient and cheaper way of self-tanning.\nTags:
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