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face foundation makeup What Every Woman Should Know about their Mineral Foundation

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-06
I have been using a popular mineral foundation brand for a while.And last night,From Blue,I'm starting to wonder about the quality of it and look it up on the Internet.I don't know if I should be happy with the hazard rating of my preferred brand rating 6 in the Environment Working Group website analytics, which means that my organic Foundation is in the middle hazard category.0 to 2 means low risk,3 to 6 means medium danger and 7 to 10 means high danger.If this is a shotThis means that I will be in the first batch next.Should I be happy?Then decided to do some more reading on the topic.According to the website,The ingredients that exist in my preferred base are related to cancer,Developmental or reproductive toxicity and allergies.Needless to say,the next day,I report that there is no compensation for the work.When I was working in the mallI made up my mind to visit the nearest organic cosmetics boutique after work.Then I am immersed in a lot of work so that I can forget that my product is related to cancer.And forget,I have been using this brand as long as I can remember.But sadly,I can't forget.So I did another study looking for natural cosmetics that are relatively safe than my current brand.First, I checked the more expensive organic cosmetics line near the office.To my surpriseTheir mineral makeup and lipstick are still under the middle hazard category!Although it is a risk score of 3 with several lower gaps.What if I want something that's not dangerous at all?What products should I use?\ N \ r
I continue to study the findings,at last,There are some
s that are classified at low hazard levels.A brand specifically uses more organic and synthetic free ingredients and uses toxins, such as carbon dioxide and mica, very carefully, according to research already related to cancer,allergies,Systemic Toxicity of organsChanges in occupational hazards and biochemical or cellular levels.It also does not contain the synthetic preservative paraben,The ingredients of most skin care products, such as cosmetics,shampoo,Air conditioning and lotion.These synthetic preservatives are said to be carcinogenic.Some breast cancer studies have found that paraben is present in breast cancer tumors.Contrary to popular beliefs,Not all
s are allergic and non-irritating.Most organic cosmetics use bi-oxychloride,A natural ingredient that can stimulate sensitive skin and can cause itching when applied to the face or even acne.I have sensitive skin, so I decided to look for a product that does not contain chloro and bi.Free natural cosmetics for Paraben as well as low hazards.Maybe luck is by my side because it didn't take me a long time to find what I was looking.\n\r\n\nTags:
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