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face foundation makeup White Princess & Happy Glam Makeup Tutorial

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-04
White Princess tutorial
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This tutorial will make you look like a snow princess and it is the perfect Christmas party.Start hiding your flaws like your dark circles,Any redness or darkness, lightly mixed.Apply for your favorite base and set your make up with loose powder.Define your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil.Take a brush and line your lower eyes with sparkling white eyeshadow.Apply the same eye shadow in your eyes.Don't apply too much or chalk will appear in your eyes.Just apply for a decent amount because you want your eyes shimmer and then mix gently evenly in your eyes.Add a little more in the middle of your eyelids to give your eyes more depth.Also more applications in your eyebrow bones give more dimensions to your eyes.Apply shimmer eyeshadow on your cheek.\ N \ r
using eyelash glue,Drop a crystal on the mascara water, and apply the crystal on the inner corner of the eye, and apply more on the outer corner.The Dab flashes a little along your lower Gap line to enhance the effect of the crystal.Apply white eyeliner on your waterline.Apply a clear lip gloss on the eyelids to create the adhesive face and then add a clear flash.This will make your eyes shine.Remove any excess flash using Scottish tape.\ N \ r
Use liquid eyeliner Line your eyes.Before curling your lashes and gold, apply mascara to extend them even more.Apply your favorite light pink color lip gloss.Touch your powder as some of your make-up may have been removed from Scotch tape.Complete any function by applying some blush and touch, if necessary.\ N \ r
happy Glam makeup tutorial
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This tutorial will help you achieve a fascinating holiday look.Start hiding any flaws on your face.Using your favorite base can give you a perfect face.Apply for a proper amount of lipstick as you need to keep your lips moist.Before you paint your eyebrows,It's best to make your eyebrows semi-wet with eyebrow gel.This makes the application of eyebrow powder easier, when it stays longer dry.Apply your eyebrow powder quickly using an angle brush.Start in the middle and your eyebrows go to the back and fill your eyebrows gently.Because the use of gold eye shadow will enhance the effect, because we will use gold flash on our cover.Use gold paint to make the color stronger and more opaque and make sure to sweep the color to your eyebrow bone.Use moss green eyeshadow and apply it near your lower Gap line.Line it half the way and apply white eyeshadow to your tear tube as it will make your eyes pop.Gently mix the green eyeshadow with your white eyeliner.Add a clear lip gloss to the eyelid.This gives your eyes an adhesive surface to help the flash stick better and longer.It will not erase your eye shadow, it is completely safe for your eyes.\ N \ r
Wet brush and dab it flashes in a cosmetic gold and gently applies it to your cover.Follow the lip gloss and make sure you cover your cover evenly.Be careful when using the flash and make sure it is a cosmetic flash as the craft flash may contain harmful ingredients and will not be applied safely to your face.Use Scotch tape to remove any excess flash or reshape the Flash app on your cover.\ N \ r
Line your eyes are just a little bit with black liquid eyeliner and extension lines.We're looking for a look like Cleopatra.Extend the line to the middle of the bottom gap line.Line your water line with the black eye line.Re-powder your face as Scotch tape may have picked up a bit of your makeup.Apply a red lipstick as the glossy texture removes the sparkling effect from your eyes.Scratch your lip color with tissue.This will keep your lips color longer.Also dust powder on your lips in tissue and apply another last lipstick coat to your lips without tissue on your lips.The app will also keep your lips color longer.\ N \ r
Curl your lashes and apply a reasonably uniform mascara coat.Finish with your favorite blush.\ N \ r
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