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highlighter makeup How to Apply Eye Shadow

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-05
Eye shadow is perhaps the most beloved makeup for creative makeup artists.Some women like to apply eye shadow with a damp brush or applicator.This helps to enhance the color.Pink eye shadows come with a single or color coordination set.Cream eye shadow can be coordinated with powder eye shadow.Eye shadow adds depth and size to the eye,Praise the color of the eyes,Or simply draw attention to the eyes.The effect of eye shadow usually brings charm and attention to the eyes.\ N \ r
Eye shadow eyes should not be too obvious.A good person can judge that there are beautiful eyes that do not see its makeup.This is because the shadow of the eye should be used to create the illusion of depth and shadow, which will bring a good angle to your eyes without being drawn thoroughly.Needless to say,Light eye shadow is preferred during the day, while smoked eyes are best to party at night.\ N \ r
open the eye shadow.It takes only a few seconds for a beautiful round eye.Start moving on your lash line just skimming your creases and you need to apply eye shadow or highlight to go through your eyelids completely.Also do it all the way to your eyebrows.After that, you should put the middle shadow of the eyeshadow on your eyelids,Also add a little under your bottom lashes-(Not too thick).Then take the outer edge of your eyes,Create a slightly darker area there.\ N \ r
apply light color from red line to Brown first.The color of ivory,beige,Peach or pink is commonBut other light shades can work well.Then apply a medium shadow crease from the Gap line.Finally,The creases of the stressed eyelids and the darkest shadows.Mix with a soft brush to avoid removing your eye shadow or stains.You can apply eyeliner along the eyelash line and accent your eyelashes using mascara if you like.Eye Makeup Remover or wet cloth can remove stains.Some people choose to apply the basics and other makeup before doing their eye shadow and other eye makeup to make it easier for mistakes to be sorted out.\ N \ r
application eye shadow:\ N \ r
apply medium shadow only on the upper eyelid.Use lighter shadows under the eyebrows to highlight the eyes.\ N \ r
use eye shadow brush and apply the lightest color from creases to your eyebrows.Just apply for a light coat.\ N \ r
but you decided to apply eye shadow,Depending on the size of your eyelidsRemember, the lid and below-Eyebrows should be satisfied but not overlapping in creases.\ N \ r
if you want dramatic eyes,Brush your eyes,Immersed in water,Then into the shadow,then apply.It will give you deeper,Dramatic color.\ N \ r
apply a lighter eyeshadow color under your main color and under your eyebrows.\ N \ r
make the eyes look round,Apply the soft brown to the lid and above the creases.Apply the same shade to your lower lashes.\ N \ r
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