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makeup manufacturers BE A TOP GUN, FLY THE GRIPEN!

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-11
BE A TOP GUN,Flying grizzly bear!Win a flight on Air India's Gripen fighterFebruary 2011.Saab's Security for Indian combat aircraft followers and those who dream of a fighter jetin-a-Lifelong opportunities:The most advanced flight in the world-Character fighter,the Gripen,During the Air India exhibition held in Bangalore from February 9-13.For the first time in history, an ordinary Indian citizen can get into it w by simply answering a set of questions or flying any flight Gripen top gun race has an amateur and professional level challenge to test the knowledge of aircraft enthusiasts while providing an opportunity for XBOX,The opportunity for PSP and computer game enthusiasts to get into their best flight efforts in Grizzlies and shoot real Grizzlies in flight.The Gripen game entry will be judged by the top Swedish and Indian pilots, choosing some who will get a shot in the Flight real Gripen aircraft simulator.Of the five selected simulatorsA real thing that can fly:JAS 39 Gripen.\ N \ r
To top it,For the end of those technologies that are not really interested, but like the look and feel of the aircraft,The Gripen Top Gun contest opens up a model Hunt where 12 participants will make it the first Gripen Indian calendar ever.\ N \ r
x93 Aero India celebrates love flight,Fighter jets and the best aircraft technology in the world.Saab is happy to create an opportunity for people to learn more about planes.its history,Technology behind the products through a unique competition.We believe that the more the Indian people understand and understand the complex technologies that make flying and defending the Sky simple and effective,More will be the appreciation of the history of Swedish aircraft technology and Swedish technology.We are very happy that today we can give a person a lifelong dream,A real chance to fly a world to defeat fighter jets,According to sidedvard de la MotteCampaign Director,Green International India.N \ r
3 the Gripen aircraft will arrive in Bangalore for an air show and will be installed to show each day.\ N \ r
Apart Flying Eagle Lion from the grand prize,The Grizzlies top gun race has a lot of prizes and won a lot for those who get it right,Including the Gripen fighter pilot flight kitGripen pilot glassesThe Gripen exclusive calendar is signed by the Swedish test pilot and the Gripen collection, including the Gripen key tag,Badges,Stickers and pens.\ N \ r
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