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makeup manufacturers Reliving childhood memories and fun times with our kids picnic table

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-11
When I looked at the wooden kids picnic table in the backyardSeveral great childhood memories are built on the surface.Memories of the children's picnic table theme?Trust me,I\'m serious!\ N \ r
we are really small,The wooden kids picnic table is a great place to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches,watermelon,Corn in the chicken nest and all types of messy summer food we all love.Wood Children's picnic table more than eat!The watch is also a jumping point because we like to wear hats and pretend we are superheroes.Batman and Superman were angry at the time, so we defended ourselves from a clown,the Riddler,Lex Luthor,Branniac and other super villains who dare to enter the area, we defend so faithfully.\ N \ r
we are not superheroes,We'll get the biggest umbrella we can find to see if we can jump off the table and feel like we're in the air.Of course,Imagination has a lot to do with the idea that we are slowing down the 3 feet leap from the table.Of course, n \ r
The picnic table is a storage place for huge water balloons and other water toys, and we keep the cache of wet items and throw them into the backyard as soon as the girl walks in.\ N \ r
At night,Wooden
as the roof of the base camp, we can cross the threshold with our flashlight, imagine the terraces at night, right outside.Dad had an old canvas tarpaulin and he threw it on it to make it a good tent for our sleep-outs.We can shine our flashlight on the outside to see who the flashlight beam is the brightest and probably produces the longest beam.Our puppy definitely loves it too, and it seems that she always has a way to generate commotion and laughter every time she works.When Mom took out a tray full of lemonade and cookies and put them on our table,of course,Sit fast and enjoy cool snacks in all settings.That's a down payment for our restaurant chores,It usually includes peeling corn on the chicken nest.\ N \ r
maximum,We had dinner in there but often had watermelon or some other messy summer dessert in the backyard.\ N \ r
come to winter,We will stand on the \'s side of the table and use it as a barrier to keep the hot chocolate behind the whole snowball fight or one place covered.\ N \ r
Now,It's time for you to walk into your mind machine and return to your childhood.Close your eyes and see little boys or girls running or laughing and have so much fun with simple things like an ordinary wooden
!I don't know you, but for me,It's really enjoyable to look back and relive fun times and laughter.\ N \ r
all daily pressure,Mobile phones and the connected world every second of the day or night,it\'s stress-free and de-Emphasize returning to the special moments of your childhood.\n\r\n\nTags:
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