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natural eyeshadow Bridal Make Up

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-05
After all,The biggest day of your life is on the road.N \ r
Nisa has a first-class Bachelor of Arts with honors,So you can believe she's a professionally trained and qualified media production-up artist.What is your consultation meeting?N \ r
\ r
high definition professional bride making-Up consulting includes the following customization features:\ N \ r
bridal production-Design that suits the time and season of your wedding
\ r
skin care products system-Advice and guidance to ensure that your skin will be analyzed in its most radiant color on your big day
\ r
x95-Choose the best color for your skin tone,Eyes and Hair
\ r
x95 choose the right product for you -?Your skin color structureForm and texture, I will mix the right shades for you not only as the basis,Hidden and prominent, but also flashed,Lipstick and eyeshadow
\ r
x95 facial engraving to highlight and minimize facial features
\ r
advanced eye making-Application of false eyelashes
\ r
camera in technology understand camera technology movies and numbersbalance,shape,Value and color,Symmetry and asymmetry and texture-I will discuss with you how to pose for the best facial effects.\ N \ r
professional bridal production-Application
\ r
professional manufacturing-up Hygiene -This is essential because you don't want to break some nasty spots or rashes or worse eye diseases such as breasts,Come on your honeymoon with an eye or skin disease!\ N \ r
FAQ:\ N \ r
1?I'm getting married soon, when should I book you?\ N \ r
suggest you should book,One year ahead.Think about it, because the number of Fridays and Saturdays is limited, the most popular day of the wedding week,So you need to book in advance to avoid disappointment.\ N \ r
2?You provide pre-Wedding consultation?\ N \ r
Yes,It is agreed by both parties at a time to accommodate you.I have both in the UK and international.If you want to get married abroad.No consultation fee is paid when you book a consultation and you are not obliged to book your bride-Until the big day, unless you are satisfied with the result.\ N \ r
3.I'm getting married soon.Are you free?You need to call me asap to check if your date is available.\ N \ r
4.Can you make-At the bridal party?\ N \ r
Yes,I provide professional production-For nervous mothers, don't forget the honor of excited bridesmaids and alma mater, so that they can also look perfect for photos and videos.Help everyone relax and face up to an hour with confidence.\ N \ r
5.Do I need to pay the deposit?\ N \ r
Yes,a 50% non-You will need to refund the deposit to ensure that you make your reservation at the time of consultation.The date is unsafe until the deposit has been paid and confirmed in writing.\ N \ r
6.How do I book?\ N \ r
Call 07949892983 or email me your details and date free Lance makeup artist.Where we come you can please, we do all types of makeup I.e.Bridal makeup,Party makeup,Wedding makeup and a variety of hairstyles.We offer makeup classes at affordable prices.We offer hair extensions in all colors and narrow them down to your original hair.\n\r\n\nTags:
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