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natural eyeshadow Ways to Organize Your Beauty Products

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-05
Copyright (c)2010 John Howell
\ r reach in your makeup bag.Now try to find your favorite lip gloss and close your eyes.You can do that, or you find yourself running into other makeup,Maybe even something you haven't used for months-eek!-years?If so,It's time to reorganize your beauty collection.\ N \ r
don't worry,It won't take a long time, the article won't turn you into some super-organized,Type-A nitwit.We just have some simple tips to get your beauty items cleaned and ready for anything from chaos and questionable!\ N \ r
first,Throw away anything bigger than six months.This is the time span most makeup professionals recommend to stop using any eye makeup product.\ N \ r
6 points-The rule of the month is to keep you from eye infections,But this is a good rule of thumb for all your beauty products.\ N \ r don't know how long to keep things?Check your product.Many people now have a small trash can icon with numbers.This number tells you how many months of product to hang.Also,If you didn't use the item for such a long time, you wouldn't remember the last time it saw daylight,Save yourself some space in the bag and throw it!\ N \ r
Next,Clean up your brush.Makeup Brushes are also notorious for hanging skin cells that infect and die from skin.Without proper cleaning,This could lead to a breakthrough.Before using them on another beauty product,Clean them with warm water and mild soap.Let them spend the night at your bathroom counter.If you don't have time to do it by hand,Let them rotate in the dishwasher.\ N \ r
Once all their cleaning,Put them in small bags in your makeup bag and even put them in small glass on the counter or dresser.\ N \ r
last,Specify an area for each beauty product.In other words,Put eye makeup with other eye products and lip gloss and lipstick.You can hide everything in a small bag, in your bag or in a place in your makeup preparation area.That way,When you do your makeup,All you need to do is look for every type of project in one place and you go to your daily life.\ N \ r
dust to close or clean each item with a cotton pad or cotton swab, you are happy to go!\ N \ r
------\ N \ r
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