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wholesale beauty products Choking Hazards: Six Ways To Safeguard Your Child!

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-12
A small part of the toy is a danger for children under the age of 3,Because the children put everything in their mouths.Despite the measures taken to protect children,15 dying of suffocation every year (CPSC#04-216).We don't know how many parents/caregivers find and remove small pieces from the child's mouth,Events are not reported.\ N \ r
Government industrial security:In toys used by children under 3 years of age, widgets are not allowed.So how can a child die of suffocation every year?The answer is not simple, and sometimes the conditions involved are beyond government and industry control, but not beyond your control!\ N \ r
small parts test:For toys for children under the age of 3, the first thing to do is to "use and abuse", testThis is the way the child is designed to simulate using them.A test is to pull the attached parts with a force of 15 pounds (25 lbs.European test).The goal is to identify the parts that can be generated in the game and then create a choking hazard.Naturally,These toys should not start with a small part.\ N \ r
A cylinder (It represents the throat of a child)Used to determine if the part is "small ".Perfect for parts inside the cylinder,uncompressed,Classified as small parts, resulting in product failure!If the part is still attached to the main toy,Then the whole toy must fail to be installed in the cylinder.No test for paper and fabric parts.However,A small fill part test.N \ r
widget test cylinder make one yourself you can do a widget test cylinder at home,By cutting the sanitary paper core as shown in the photo.Your cylinder should be 2-1/4\" tall.Obviously it's not the same, but here is what you can check.\n\r\n\n\r\n-If the parts do not fit perfectly within the cylinder,Then it's not a small part.\n\r\n\n\r\n-If the part fits perfectly inside,It may or may not be a small part.The sanitary roller has a larger diameter with no angle bottom.\n\r\n\n\r\n-So this test is effective to determine which parts are not choking harm to children 3.\ N \ r
problem the test is not recognized
\ r
in my experience there are conditions that can result in a small part becoming a separation week or even a few months later\ N \ r
* easy teeth on attached parts (like buttons)Can weaken and even tear the stitching and hold them.Repeated washing may weaken the fabric and thread,Additional widgets are allowed to pull against 15 lbs or less.There are toys already in your house,Children aged 3 and over,There may be a small part.UnfortunatelyThese can be easily in the mouth of your child.\ N \ r
What should you prevent?Here is my suggestion.You might have kids-Your home has been proved.But it's time to stand up!\ N \ r
1?Buy a small test cylinder now.They are cheap (linkâx80¦ link).\n\r\n2.Check the small part of the toy attached to your child's current play.You will soon know which parts will become a choking danger,If they become separated.\n\r\n3.Imagine the weight of three or five pounds of sugar.This is the power you should use to pull the add-on.Pull the parts and see if they fall off.\n\r\n4.If your child is at the height of the tea set,I suggest eliminating all toys with small parts.Even today's parts can withstand the pull.Repeated washing or continuing tea sets may allow them to fall off and in the mouth of your child.\n\r\n5.Check the toy regularly after washing or continuous use.\n\r\n6.Remind older children of these dangers at home.By showing and showing their toys can do harm to a young sibling,You reduce the risk and even get another eye for vigilance.\ N \ r most dangerous list:\n\r\nPom-poms,balloons (Not inflated/broken),marbles,Game & ball
\ r
To report a small part or any toy hazard/event \nTags:
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