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wholesale beauty products Learn Digital Photography - The Subject is Key to Your Photography

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-12
Why is this an important element of the image?Hello!That's why you shot.Usually amateur photographers want to get as many scenes as possible in photos.They want to remember everything at the same time, despite the confusion of the resulting images,Chaos and down average.Many of our albums are cluttered with images that are not memorable, and the theme is in distinguishing the elements that can be drawn from all the others.So what is the solution to this problem?What can be done to solve the dilemma?The good news is good. The solution is very simple.Here goes,Some tips to make photos of the stars of your theme.\ N \ r
1?Look carefully and selectively at the scene and immediately decide what is most important to you.Try this little exercise.Imagine reading an album of precious memories in 20 years.Maybe the person you remember has passed away.Would you like to change the image to make it more memorable?If you can go back in timeWhat would you exclude from the photos?You now have the opportunity to decide what the memories will be in the future.This will lead to the next point.\ N \ r
2?Excluding clutter is part of everyday life, but we don't want to remember it in our photos.After we all had this problem, we had already taken a picture.It is not necessary that we leave too many photos.Back to the previous point.In that precious photo, what do you think is not important and is not necessary in the image?These are the items you want to exclude and take the opportunity to include more of what you really want into the image.This leads us to the next point again.\ N \ r
3.Give most of your attention
\ r
you have to focus on the topic for this.Pretend it's a Hollywood star and make it an attractive star.Suddenly, the theme becomes more prominent and anyone can tell who or what the theme of the photo is.It should hit your front and center and say no confusion,"I am the theme ".If the theme does not call "I am the theme" then it is not the theme.\ N \ r
4.By doing so, you will do point 2 automatically, close to n \ r
.Eliminate all confusing and unnecessary elements of the image.You really don't want to remember things in ten or twenty years.This should be logical.All of us dream of a better camera or lens that will bring us closer to the subject.So,Use your feet.Step closer and fill the image with your theme or just a part of the body,Unless it's a lion in a wildlife park.Most of the time, you can approach with your feet, which will immediately improve the image and make your theme more prominent.\ N \ r
5.Changing your goals in simple terms means moving and finding a different location where you can shoot,or,A more interesting angle.Changing your perspective from a lower or higher point of view in front of your subject will give a completely different angle.Lying in your stomach or back,Climb the ladder or take some stairs to give you a great image of a favorable point.The key to great theme placement is to think outside the box.The key is simple old ideas.Give your image more thought and time before clicking the shutter button.This old saying,"Time is money" can be equivalent to "time is quality ".More time and effort into your photography will lead to better quality images.There are many other ways to improve your image, but by practicing these simple principles it will give you immediate success in photography.Do you want to learn more about photography in the digital world?I just finished a brand new electronics-Course by e-mail.Download here for free:\n.You can also learn to take the perfect photo in 21 steps and see my new book
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Wayne Turner has been teaching photography for 25 years and has written three books about photography.\n\r\n\nTags:
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