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wholesale beauty products Photography Basics - Don't Overlook the Background

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-12
When the adventure of photography begins,There is a basic element that is often forgotten or ignored-Background of the picture.Learning how to manipulate background elements can completely change the emotion of a photo,And can enhance the story you want to tell.Putting some basic principles into practice can create a better picture.\ N \ r
Look background
\ r
you press the shutter button in the next photo,Take a second and check out the background first.Is there something or someone in your photo distracted?Is there any strong or interesting color that could cause the audience to look at them instead of the theme?Is there a branch or tree that is placed so it will look like a body part?Develop the habit of having a psychological check every time you take a photo, and you can avoid disappointing photos.\ N \ r
crops in-The camera is an important part of photography, the way you frame an image in the camera.Many bad backgrounds can completely avoid images through different frames, and let the theme take most of the pictures.Don't forget, you really don't need the background of every shot-The background is just an option to enhance your image.Try to make this decision when shooting, not in the editing room;It's easier to get it right while taking pictures than fixing it later.\ N \ r
\ r this sounds obvious,But if you find that your work background is destroying your shooting,Try changing the position of your theme or the angle of the shot.In almost all cases,You can always find a way to avoid a bad background.Changing the angle can also give you a new angle to help you find unique and interesting photos that you won't consider otherwise.N \ r
Be resourceful
\ r
although studio photographers have long relied on the background to help enhance their portraits,There are many incredible opportunities to find in the environment.You're taking pictures of someone at any time.Take a look at the area around you and see if there is anything that will help improve the picture.For example,If there is a swing in the background, it may be a drop,Why not put your theme in it and make it part of the focus?Think about the background as another part of your photo and you can change it at any time.\ N \ r
\ r
talks about the background,Be sure to have something to choose from that will look good.If you think the background might be distractingBlur it with shallow depth of field.Additionally,People explain depth of field differently based on images,So try to think in a way that can tell a stronger story by manipulating it.Many photographers spend so much time worrying about capturing their theme that they completely ignore the background.Ignoring the surrounding environment can destroy a lens, otherwise it will be beautiful,At the same time pay attention to and use these environments can make the picture better.When everything is finished,This is for the photographer to pay attention to each element in the photo.If the background doesn't help make the image better,Then you need to fix it or eliminate it.Learn to use the background, your advantage can take a little time,But once you do, it will be a natural part of the photo process.\ N \ r
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